Mercedes Martinez notes key difference working for AEW vs. WWE

Jun 18, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

ROH Women’s World Champion, Mercedes Martinez, says that Tony Khan’s accessibility is key for those who want to have input in their creative field.

Martinez was a guest on the Complex Unsanctioned podcast and spoke in detail about Khan’s accessibility, noting that its a key difference in working for AEW compared to WWE.

“I can text him, I can message him whenever I want,” Mercedes said of communicating with Tony Khan. “If I have ideas or anything, he’s as accessible as he can be. He’s the boss, he’s the man, he’s the one that makes the decisions, and the fact that he listens to you and your concerns and whatever you have for creative, it’s great. I love that creative freedom you have to tell your story where you see fit.”

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  1. Steve says:

    If all this AEW wrestlers are sooooo happy why they gitta brung up their past employer. Get over it.

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