Impact Report 6/16/22

Jun 16, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight at 8pm for up to the minute results from the latest episode of Impact Wrestling.

This is the go home show for Slammiversary this Sunday!!

Match 1.  Tasha Steelz, Knockouts World Champion and Savanah Evans VS Jordynne Grace and Mia Yim

Yim and Evans start the match.  Tonight feels different in the Impact Arena.  There looks to be a packed house on hand for the show.  Yim outsmarts the bigger foe momentarily until Steelz distracts from the outside.  Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green are watching the match by the way.  Steelz tags in and locks on a rear chin lock on Yim.  Mia is having a difficult time breaking free because she is trapped in Steelz corner.  Steelz levels Yim with a DDT for a two count.  Yim is able to land a kick on Evens and Steelz when they made a tag, Grace is tagged in.  Grace crushes Steelz with a spinebuster and then a double knee in the corner. After a Vader Bomb and float-over to a cross-face, Steelz is in trouble.  Before she tags, Evans makes the save.  Grace recovers and elbows Evans from the ring.  Yim tags back in and they double team Steelz with a top rope, leg drop from a back breaker.  Eventually Steelz goes to tag, but Evans is still down on the floor.  Evans is left ot fight off Yim and Grace.  Grace accidently clotheslines Yim, and Steelz rolls up Grace to get the win.

Winner by pinfall, Tasha Steelz and Savanah Evans

Gia Miller asks Chelsea and Deonna if they are a team going into the Queen of the Mountain match.  They are sly in their answer, but say there can only be one Queen.

Wes Briscoe and Garrett Bischoff remember the Aces & 8s faction backstage.  Honor No More enter and tells the Aces crew they are in charge now.  D’Lo Brown enters and says this isn’t the way we handle things now to the Aces members.  Bischoff wants a match with HNM.  D’Lo thinks about it and says he will talk to Scott D’Amore.

We get a vignette for Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander.  Eric Young will be his opposition at Slammiversary. 

Match 2.  Mike Bailey VS Trey Miguel

This match will be fast.  Bailey reminds me of Ricky Steamboat.  Miguel is a straight high flyer.  Both have an amazing array of kicks at their disposal.  Trey finds himself with an early advantage with some kicks flying takedowns.  Bailey catches Miguel on the apron, sweeps the leg and they end up on the floor.  Bailey takes Trey down on the arena floor and we go to break.  Once back, Bailey is in control.  He lands a spinning, running moonsault for a two count.  Bailey goes for a kick and Trey catches it.  He lands a wicked combo of kicks of his own.  He levels Bailey with a reverse DDT and locks on a dragon sleeper.  Bailey only breaks the hold by getting to the bottom rope.  Bailey gets to his feet and the two start trading strong style kicks.  Bailey is too much and Trey spills to the floor.  Trey recovers and the spot fest begins.  The actions is insane with the repeated back and forth leaps to the outside.  The “this is awesome chant,” breaks out. Bailey hits a standing moonsault, knee drop.  He gets a two count after a vicious kick to the back of the head.  Trey pins Bailey after a school boy in a car crash of a match.

Winner. Trey Miguel

This marks Bailey’s first singles loss in Impact Wrestling.

We get a Moose and Sami Callahan hype package next.  They will meet this Sunday as well.   It will be Monster’s Ball Match.

Match 3.  Masha Slamovich VS Alisha Edwards (with Giselle Shaw)

Slamovich hits a back elbow and suplex to start off.  Then she tosses Edwards with a gut wrench.  After a snow plow.  It is over that quick.

Winner.  Masha Slamovich

Taya Valkyrie walks up to Rosemary backstage to talk about their tag team match this weekend.  It seems to be an uneasy alliance as far as Rosemary is concerned, but Taya is trying her best to be on good behavior.  Rosemary just doesn’t trust her, but gets excited somewhat when Taya says she will help her find the missing Havok.

Match 4.  Chris Bey and Jay White (with the Bullet Club) VS Jay and Mark Briscoe, The Impact World Tag Team Champions.  Non Title Match

The Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows join the commentary team.  Hikuleo, fresh off his AEW appearance, is ringside for Bullet Club.  Dem Boys are all over Jay White to the match.  Chris Bey tags in on Mark.  Bey and Mark trade a fast series of scientific wrestling.  Bey ultimately wins the exchange with a side kick to the head.  Mark retreats to tag in Jay.  Jay gains control over Bey.  He and tags Mark make a series of tags and work Bey over pretty hard.  This sets up a stare down right in front of the Good Brothers.  They are good on commentary btw.  Bey needs tag badly.  Jay White knees Jay in the back, from the outside and Bey takes to the air and derails Mark and Jay on the floor.  We go to break.  We return with Bullet Club in control.  White has Briscoe in a rear chin lock.  Briscoe fights free and both make a tag.  The match breaks down and everyone basically gets involved.  Mark gets a two count on Bey after a sit out powerbomb.  Bey spin kicks Jay Briscoe.  Jay White and Mark trade chops.  Bey hits a code red for a two count on Jay Briscoe.  The Briscoes recover, neck breaker to Bey.  Mark rolls up Bey and they get the win.

Winners by pinfall.  The Briscoes

We get a Honor No More vignette showing their disputes with Team Impact, but Nick Aldis will join Team Impact this Sunday.\

Match 5. Kenny King and Vincent, Honor No More (with Eddie Edwards) VS Garrett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe (with D’Lo Brown) representing Aces & 8s

Garrett and King start the match.  Garrett takes the early advantage with a brawling attack.  Wes tags in and throws Vincent, who tagged in.  The match breaks down as the teams can’t keep the match in hand.  8’s clear the ring and we go to break.  We Briscoe is clearing the ring as we return.  Eddie Edwards distracts him and Vincent hits a neckbreaker off the top rope to get the win.

Winners.. Honor No More

D’Lo Brown is surrounded by HNM and clears the ring.  He even hit a huge powerbomb on Kenny King.  Matt Taven and Mike Bennett run in and stop D’Lo from hitting the Lo Down.  All of HNM set up D’Lo, but Frankie Kazarian and the Motor City Machine Guns make the save.  Aces and 8s, Frankie and The MCMGs all celebrate in the ring.

Contract Signing

Scott D’Amore is in the ring setting up the segment between Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander and Violent By Designs, Eric Young.  Young enters first, flanked with Deaner and Joe Doering by his side.  Josh heads out next.  EY takes the mic next.  He is in a black suit.  Josh is in jeans and a Impact Wrestling sweat jacket.  EY goes on about he could care less about the history of Impact.  Scott was talking about his history and how great EY was in the past.  Josh then speaks on the history of Impact and this Slammiversary is a nod of respect to the history of Impact and TNA Wrestling.  Josh then signs the contract.  EY says he pandered to the fans and he was lying.  EY then says he Josh is a 1000 times better than any of the fans.  He then yells at the fans.  He says he rides the line between chaos and order.  He then signs the contract after saying he will open Josh’s eyes to the truth.  EY then dismisses Scott from the ring.  EY then tells Josh he is scared.   Josh says he isn’t scared.  He cuts a passionate promo about stars of the past.  He mentions many of the former stars by name.  Josh says he was a fan way back, when he was known as Showtime Eric Young.  He was someone he loved and looked up to.  He tells EY that the old EY would be embarrassed by his current version.  EY attacks Josh.  Scott, who never left, punches EY and then takes a beating.  The numbers of VBD are too much and Josh, who can’t defend himself. Ater destroying the ring,  EY slices a turnbuckle hook across the face of Josh.  VBD then exposes the ring wooden floor and beat down Josh further.  EY then piledrives Josh on the exposed wood.  The show ends with EY, Deaner and Joe Doering Standing over a bloody World Champion.

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