Chris Jericho keeps his hair on AEW Dynamite Road Rager

Jun 15, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

Ortiz has lost his hair.

Tonight’s Road Rager edition of AEW Dynamite on TBS opened up with Chris Jericho defeating Ortiz in a Hair vs. Hair match, with William Regal on commentary. This was the first-ever Hair Match in AEW.

Eddie Kingston represented Ortiz at ringside, while Jericho Appreciation Society members were at ringside to support their leader. A brawl ended up breaking out and while the referee was distracted, the finish to tonight’s Hair Match saw Sammy Guevara, dressed as Fuego Del Sol, hit the ring and drop Ortiz with a baseball bat as he looked to put Jericho away. Jericho then pinned Ortiz for the win to keep his locks.

After the match, Jericho and Jake Hager stood on the ramp with Guevara, who then removed the Fuego mask to reveal his true identity as the crowd loudly reacted.

There was a barber’s chair setup on the entrance-way, but Ortiz grabbed a pair of scissors and cut his own hair in the ring, while Kingston stood with him. Guevara gave them a middle finger salute to end the segment as the announcers hyped the upcoming Blood & Guts match on June 29 in Detroit.

Below are several shots from tonight’s Road Rager opener from the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis:

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