6/15/22 AEW Dynamite: Road Rager Recap

Jun 15, 2022 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and William Regal are on commentary from St. Louis, Missouri.

Match #1 – Hair vs. Hair Match: Chris Jericho (w/Angelo Parker, Daniel Garcia, Jake Hager, and Matt Menard) vs. Ortiz (w/Eddie Kingston)
Ortiz goes right after Jericho, but Jericho drops him with a shoulder tackle. Ortiz comes right back and gets a quick two count, and then sends Jericho to the floor. Ortiz slams Jericho into the barricade, and then sets him in the barber’s chair. Ortiz delivers right hands, and then gets Jericho back into the ring. Ortiz delivers a dropkick and goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out. Jericho rakes Ortiz’s eyes, and then delivers shots in the corner. Jericho sets Ortiz up top and goes for a hurricanrana, but Ortiz counters with a power bomb. Ortiz connects with a splash and goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out. Ortiz sends Jericho to the floor and goes for a dive, but Jericho cuts him off with an elbow strike. Jericho suplexes Ortiz to the floor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Jericho taunts Ortiz, but Ortiz comes back and takes Jericho down. Ortiz gets Jericho in the corner and drops him with a cutter. Ortiz goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out. Jericho comes back with a few shots, and then delivers the Codebreaker. Jericho goes for the cover, but Ortiz kicks out. Ortiz comes back with a back-slide, but Jericho kicks out. Ortiz goes for a hurricanrana, but Jericho counters and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Ortiz gets to the ropes, but Parker shoves his hand off the ropes. Kingston attacks him, and the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society beat down Kingston. Santana and Wheeler Yuta rush to ringside to help, and then Kingston gets in the ring and hits Jericho with the spinning back fist. Ortiz goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out. Hager gets on the apron, but Kingston cuts him off. Fuego Del Sol gets in the ring and lays Ortiz out with the baseball bat. Jericho crawls over and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Chris Jericho
-After the match, Jericho and Hager back up the ramp with Fuego, but he takes his mask off and reveals himself to be Sammy Guevara. Ortiz grabs the clippers from the barber and begins cutting his own hair. Kingston grabs a microphone and says Ortiz is a man of his word. Kingston says this isn’t done, and Ortiz says, “Blood and Guts” every time he cuts a piece of his hair.

Match #2 – 20-on-1 Class Action Handicap Elimination Match: Wardlow vs. Security Guards (w/Smart Mark Sterling)
All of the security guys get on the apron, and then he knocks a few of them back to the floor. The rest gang up on him, but he shoves them all away. Wardlow power bombs one of them onto some of them on the floor, and then drops another with clothesline. He applies a submission on one and pins another at the same time. Wardlow destroys four guys at once and eliminates all of them. Wardlow power bombs a few more and eliminates three more. Wardlow power bombs four more and eliminates them. Wardlow power bombs five more now, and then catches a sixth on a cross-body. Wardlow power bombs him, and then pins all six of them for the final eliminations.
Winner: Wardlow
-After the match, Wardlow gets Sterling in the ring. Dan Lambert interrupts and tells Wardlow if he messes with one member of American Top Team, he messes with them all. He tells Wardlow to look over his shoulder, and then Matt Hughes and Tyron Woodley get in the ring. Wardlow says he knows they are smarter than to take orders from some rich asshole in the sky box, and says they can fight if they want. Woodley throws Sterling to Wardlow, and Wardlow drops Sterling with a power bomb.

Match #3 – Singles Match: Dax Harwood vs. Will Ospreay
They lock up and Ospreay applies a wrist-lock. Harwood turns it into one of his own, but Ospreay gets free. They lock up again, and Harwood applies a side-headlock. Harwood drops Ospreay with a shoudler tackle, but Ospreay comes back with a hurricanrana. Ospreay applies an arm-bar, but Harwood backs him into the corner. Ospreay turns it around and delivers a few chops, but Harwood comes back with a few of his own. Harwood delivers a snap suplex and a leg drop, and then goes for the cover but Ospreay kicks out. Harwood delivers a back body drop and goes for the cover, but Ospreay kicks out again. Harwood applies a side-headlock on the mat, but Ospreay gets free with a shot. Ospreay sends Harwood to the corner, but Harwood sends him to the apron. Ospreay delivers an elbow strike and brings Harwood to the apron. They exchange shots, and then Harwood delivers a few chops. Harwood goes for a suplex to the floor, but Ospreay counters and catches Harwood’s knee between the ring apron and skirt. Ospreay delivers a shotgun dropkick that sends Harwood into the ring steps as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Harwood delivers five German suplexes to Ospreay and goes up top. Ospreay moves farther away, but Harwood grabs him and delivers another German suplex. Harwood goes up top again and goes for a diving headbutt, but Ospreay dodges it. Ospreay comes off the ropes with a 450 splash and goes for the cover, but Harwood kicks out. Ospreay goes up top again, but Harwood cuts him off. Harwood delivers a few chops, and then they exchange shots. Harwood knocks Ospreay to the apron, but pulls him back up top and goes for a suplex. Ospreay counters with a cross-body and gets a two count, and then Harwood gets a quick two count as well. Ospreay delivers a power bomb and goes for a jackknife cover, but Harwood rolls through and gets another two count. Harwood goes for the floor, but Ospreay takes him out with a cross-body. Ospreay gets Harwood back into the ring and delivers a flying elbow strike to Harwood’s head. Ospreay goes for the cover, but Harwood kicks out. Ospreay sets up for the Os-Cutter, but Harwood counters with elbow strikes.
Ospreay comes back with a kick and goes for the Os-Cutter, but Harwood catches him and hits the slingshot Liger Bomb. Harwood goes for the cover, but Ospreay kicks out. They exchange headbutts and forearm shots as they get to their feet. Harwood delivers a series of shots, but Ospreay comes back with a heel kick. Harwood drops Ospreay with a lariat and goes for a short-arm clothesline, but Ospreay counters with a Liger Bomb. Ospreay goes for the cover, but Harwood kicks out. Ospreay hits the Os-Cutter and goes for the cover, but Harwood kicks out. Ospreay delivers the Hidden Blade to the back of Harwood’s head and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Will Ospreay
-After the match, other members of the United Empire get into the ring, and then Roppongi Vice and Cash Wheeler come out to help. Orange Cassidy’s music hits, and he gets into the ring. Cassidy and Ospreay stare each other down, and then FTR and Roppongi Vice stand behind Cassidy as Ospreay leaves the ring.

Jon Moxley cuts a promo. He says he has been big game hunting in NJPW, and the last one is Hiroshi Tanahashi. They will meet face-to-face up next.

Moxley and Tanahashi come to the ring for their face-to-face. Moxley says he has been chasing Tanahashi for a long time, and now Tanahashi is here in all his glory. Moxley says all his work in New Japan has always been about Tanahashi, because they may be a lot of titles in professional wrestling, but there is only one guy that they call “Ace.” Moxley says he won’t be called that for long, because he lives professional wrestling night in and night out and he is the best professional wrestler in the world. Moxley says everything is on the line for him at Forbidden Door, just like it is for Tanahashi, and when the dust Tanahashi will call him Ace. Before Tanahashi can say anything, Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, and Tay Conti interrupt. Jericho says the only reason Moxley is in the ring is because he wasn’t here last week. Jericho says if Moxley doesn’t leave the ring he will burn him with a fire ball because he is a wizard. Jericho says he beat Tanahashi two years ago, and Tanahashi tells him to shut up. The rest of the Society rush the ring, as do Lance Archer and Desperado. They beat down Moxley and Tanahashi as Jericho officially inducts Guevara and Conti into the Society. Jericho says Archer and Desperado are on loan from their leader. Jericho says he will team with Guevara and Suzuki vs. Wheeler Yuta, Eddie Kingston, and Shota Umino. Kingston, Yuta, Ortiz, and Santana rush the ring to help. Tanahashi and Moxley are left in the ring after Tanahashi drops Desperado, and they get face-to-face.

Darby Allin and reDRagon cut promos about their ongoing feud as the show heads to a commercial.

Schiavone is backstage with Toni Storm. Storm says Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. is a smart woman, but Storm has the look and the skill set to be the World Champion, and everyone wants to see her with the title.

Match #4 – AEW All-Atlantic Championship Tournament – Qualifying Match: Ethan Page (w/Dan Lambert) vs. Miro
Miro goes after Page, but Page backs into the ropes. Page ducks to the floor, but Miro follows him. Page gets back into the ring and stomps on Miro as he does the same. Page kicks Miro’s legs, and then kicks him in the arm. Page slams Miro into the corner and wraps his arm around the top rope. Page drives his shoulder into Miro’s, and then wrenches his arm a few times. Miro sends Page into the corner and drops him with a lariat. Miro stomps on Page’s hand, and then continues to stomp on him. Miro kicks Page in the arm, and begins to work over his arm. Miro slams Page shoulder-first into the ring post and Page rolls to the floor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Miro suplexes Page and then clubs him in the ropes. Lambert distracts Miro, and then Page pulls Miro to the floor and slams him into the steps. Page gets Miro back into the ring and connects with a diving shoulder tackle. Page goes for the cover, but Miro kicks out at one. Page delivers the cutter and goes for the cover, but Miro kicks out again. Page mocks Miro and tells him to pray to him, but Miro comes back with a headbutt to the sternum and an overhead throw. Miro delivers another throw and splashes Page in the corner. Miro delivers a leg lariat to Page and delivers a shot to Lambert. Miro delivers a shot to Page and locks in Game Over, and Page taps out.
Winner: Miro

Dante Martin and Matt Sydal cut a promo. Martin says he takes on Moxley this Friday on Rampage, and Sydall says it’s about time everyone catches up to Martin. Martin says it’s about time a new star is born.

Match #5 – Singles Match: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (w/Jamie Hayter and Rebel) vs. Toni Storm
Storm delivers forearm shots to Baker, and then Baker comes back with some of her own. Storm drops Baker to the floor, and then follows her out and delivers more shots. Baker comes back with an elbow, and then slams Storm into the ring post. Baker rolls Storm back into the ring, but Storm comes back out and pulls Baker to the floor. Storm delivers a shot to Baker and rolls her back into the ring. Storm connects with a cross-body and goes for the cover, but Baker kicks out. Rebel gets on the apron, and Hayter trips Storm up behind the referee’s back. Thunder Rosa runs down and chases Hayter away from ringside. Baker rolls Storm back into the ring as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Storm drops Baker with a DDT. Baker rolls to the floor, but Storm drops her with another DDT. Storm gets Back back into the ring, and Baker reaches for the glove from Rebel. Storm drops her with a German suplex and delivers a hip attack in the corner. Storm delivers an elbow strike, but Baker feigns injury and rolls Storm up for two. Baker slams Storm to the mat and goes for the cover, but Storm kicks out again. Baker puts her glove on and goes for Lockjaw, but Storm counters and suplexes Baker. Storm delivers Storm Zero and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Toni Storm
-After the match, Rosa comes back out with the AEW Women’s World title. Rosa raises the title in the air and points at Storm, as Storm stares her down and nods her head.

Schiavone is backstage with Stokely Hathaway, He says Jade Cargill has issued an open challenge for this Friday, and Willow Nightingale walks up. Hathaway says she wants to be a Baddie, but she says no. Nightingale says she is trying to prove herself, and she accepts Cargill’s challenge. Hathaway says that is crazy as hell, but he will see her on Friday.

Adam Page makes his way to the ring. Page says he called his shot last week when he said he wanted a match with Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, but he didn’t take into account that Okada wouldn’t be champion by Forbidden Door. Page says Okada lost the title last weekend, but the sentiment has not change. He says the challenge still stands, but Adam Cole interrupts. Cole congratulates Jay White on winning the IWGP World Heavyweight title, and says if anyone is going to challenge for it, it’s going to be him. Cole says Forbidden Door is about the Undisputed Elite and the Bullet Club, and the best way to showcase that is Cole vs. White. Cole says Okada isn’t even going to be at Forbidden Door, but there is someone who wants to say hello. Jay White’s music hits, but he runs in behind Page and lays him out with the Blade Runner. White says he is a catalyst of professional wrestling and he asks Page what makes him think he calls the shots. White says Page lost to CM Punk and lost his AEW World Championship, and that Page is 0-2 against him. White says if he is going to put his title on the line at Forbidden Door, it isn’t going to be against him. Cole claps for White, but White says he won’t defend against Cole either. White says he holds the prize and the power, and this is the Switchblade Era. White completely ignores Cole as he walks up the ramp and then backstage.

Match #6 – AEW World Tag Team Championship – Ladder Match: Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus (c) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson)
Matt tackles Jungle Boy to the mat, and then The Bucks double-team Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus comes back with a double clothesline. Luchasaurus grabs a ladder on the floor, but Matt dropkicks the ladder into him. Matt grabs the ladder, but Jungle Boy sends it back into him. A ladder get set up in the ring, and Jungle Boy sends Nick to the outside. Jungle Boy begins to climb, but Matt cuts him off. They exchange shots and both climb up. They exchange shots, but Nick comes back in. Luchasaurus does as well, but The Bucks double team him and try to hit him with a ladder. Luchasaurus ducks and kicks the ladder away. Luchasuarus and Jungle Boy double-team Matt, and then do the same to Nick. They set the ladder up, but Jungle Boy comes back and takes them out. Matt comes back with Northern Lights suplexes, with the last one sending Jungle Boy into a ladder in the corner. Nick takes Luchasaurus down and drags a table to ringside. The Bucks try to suplex Jungle Boy through the table, but Luchasaurus makes the save. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy double-team Matt, and Jungle Boy sends Matt through the table with a hurricanrana.
Nick comes back and power bombs Jungle Boy through another table. Nick takes Luchasaurus to the outside with a Canadian Destroyer and then connects with a 450 splash through another table as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Jungle Boy fights off The Bucks and causes them to kick each other in the head. Jungle Boy comes off the ropes, but The Bucks double superkick him. Luchasaurus comes back with shots, and then clotheslines them both, Nick on the ladder. Luchasaurus takes them out with a moonsault on the floor and gets a bigger ladder in the ring. Luchasaurus climbs, but Matt gets on his back. Luchasaurus climbs anyway, and Jungle Boy hits Matt in the back with a ladder. Jungle Boy climbs one of the ladders, as does Matt. Luchasaurus and Nick climb the other one, and all four men exchange shots up top. Jungle Boy gets sent down, follows by Nick, and then Matt. The Bucks pull Luchasaurus down and power bomb him on a ladder. Nick delivers a superkick to Jungle Boy and drops him with a Poison-rana. They get Luchasaurus on a table on the outside, and Matt drives him through it with an elbow drop.  Nick climbs both ladders, but Jungle Boy pulls him down and delivers a suplex. Matt climbs, but Jungle Boy pulls his shoe off and drops him with a suplex.
Nick and Jungle Boy climb, and then Matt climbs as well. The Bucks go for a BTE Trigger on top of the ladders, but Jungle Boy shove them over and they hit the ropes. They rebound and knock Jungle Boy into the ropes, and then Luchasaurus climbs. The Bucks come back and shove the ladder over, and Luchasaurus crashes through four tables on the floor. Jungle Boy comes back and climbs, but The Bucks pull him off the ladder and deliver the BTE Trigger. The Bucks climb the ladder and pull the belts down.
Winners and new AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks
-After the match, Christian Cage checks on Luchasaurus on the floor. He gets in the ring and checks on Jungle Boy, but before Jungle Boy can leave the ring Cage pulls him back and delivers the Killswitch. Cage grabs two chairs from under the ring, and then delivers the Conchairto to Jungle Boy. Cage drapes his jacket over Jungle Boy as the show comes to a close.

Announced for this Friday’s Rampage:
-AEW TBS Championship Match: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Willow Nightingale
-Trios Tag Team Match: Max Caster and The Gunn Club vs. Bear Country and Leon Ruff
-Bobby Fish vs. Darby Allin
-Dante Martin vs. Jon Moxley

Announced for next Wednesday’s Dynamite:
-AEW All-Atlantic Championship Tournament – Qualifying Match: Malakai Black vs. Penta Oscuro
-Trios Tag Team Match: Orange Cassidy and Roppongi Vice vs. Will Ospreay and Aussie Open

Updated lineup for AEWxNJPW: Forbidden Door

-Singles Match for the Interim AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi
-AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Toni Storm
-Four-Way Match to crown the inaugural AEW All-Atlantic Champion: Miro vs. PAC vs. two more to be determined
-IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Match: Will Ospreay (c) vs. Orange Cassidy
-Trios Tag Team Match: Chris Jericho, Minoru Suzuki, and Sammy Guevara vs. Eddie Kingston, Shota Umino, and Wheeler Yuta

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