Jeff Hardy arrest footage published, three officers draw their guns surrounding car

Jun 14, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

TMZ.COM posted the six-minute footage from Jeff Hardy’s arrest yesterday afternoon, with three police officers surrounding the car and each of them drawing their guns.

Florida Highway Patrol officers repeatedly told Jeff to come out and eventually he exited the vehicle and was immediately grabbed by an officer and checked for any weapons. Hardy could be seen very shaky and then sat down on the floor. Asked where he’s from, Jeff said from North Carolina and said his final destination was North Carolina as well. He also tells the officer that he has a doctor’s appointment to check for a brain scan.

One of the officers then explains how they got several 911 calls about him and that he was driving all over. Jeff was told to stand up and then the officers engaged in a discussion with him.

Hardy then admits having shots of fireball and the officers proceed to tell Jeff to walk in a straight line, which he fails spectacularly. One of the officers then tells him to count to 30 as he places handcuffs on him and tells him he was under arrest.

3 Responses

  1. Taxx W Hoodchicken says:

    They saved his life.

    I wont watch the video, but they certainly saved his life. Ask Magnum TA

  2. Luke says:

    I doubt it, people like him never get hurt for some reason. I have a neighbor, a true waste of human flesh. Never sobers up, gets hit by cars, beaten to a pulp, rinse, repeat. Nothing. He lives, he drinks, he wastes oxygen.
    But they might have saved someone else’s life and I think that’s more important in this case.

  3. stezton says:

    Definitely drunk as hell. He can’t even stand still without tipping over.

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