Paige on her health status, AEW, non-compete clause, more

Jun 12, 2022 - by James Walsh

Paige recently announced that she is leaving WWE when her contract expires on July 7. Paige hasn’t wrestled a match since December 2017 due to a neck injury that ended her in-ring career. During her most recent Twitch stream, Paige discussed WWE’s decision to not renew her contract. Check out the highlights below (per Fightful):

On knowing WWE would not re-sign her: “I knew it was coming eventually. Getting the, ‘Hey, can I call you? I’m at SmackDown though.’ I’m like, ‘That leaves no room for negotiation. They’re probably not going to renew it.’ I had a feeling for awhile. I’m appreciative of WWE. They helped me so much, more than just wrestling. They got me a therapist when I was having drinking and alcohol issues. They kept me, even after my neck surgery, just sitting on my ass. I really appreciate that. I feel like I had so much left to give there as someone who can cut a decent promo and do a managerial role. It is what it is,” she said. “I’m not leaving because I want to, they just don’t want to re-sign my contract. I completely understand. There is no hard feelings.”

On not having a non-compete clause: “If you don’t renew the contract then, I don’t think there’s any non-compete clause. That’s not what I was told on the phone. We’re having a normal conversation and it’s like, ‘So, we’re not gonna renew your contract.’ I texted Vince (McMahon), he texted back. Everyone was respectful about it. It’s a bummer. They are keeping the door open, both Vince and Johnny [John Laurinaitis] said they’ll keep the door open, but that’s usually what companies say. I do feel if I ever went back, it would make it more special. If WWE ever asked me to do something, it would be that much more special. There’s nothing I can do, I wish I could stay longer. WWE doesn’t want to re-sign me. It’s not my decision. I don’t want anyone to think it’s my decision to walk away.”

On if she is cleared to wrestle: “Not yet.”

On her neck: “It’s so healthy. I feel like I’m the most healthy I’ve been in my whole career. I feel I can compete again, 1000%.”

On being pulled as WWE SmackDown General Manager: “That’s what I don’t like. I was sitting around for a long time. I was texting them back in November like, ‘what’s the deal, do you guys want me to re-sign? I’d rather get the ball rolling than wait until the last minute.’ That’s the one thing that I personally didn’t like, the waiting around for no reason. They weren’t using me to my full potential, that’s for sure. I broke my neck twice for this company, just to be let go. I still tried to fight to do something and then to not be told until the last minute left me disappointed. Again, I understand their reasoning why they didn’t want to re-new the contract.”

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