Rush says his talks with AEW were done through Andrade

Jun 11, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with Lucha Libre Online (via Fightful), Rush said that his talks with AEW were done through Andrade, who wanted to bring him in to reform Los Ingobernables. He made his debut for the company in a backstage segment during AEW Double or Nothing.

He said: “The talks were done through Andrade. He had a group (AFO) and he did not feel comfortable until he gave the invitation to reform what was Los Ingobernables, but this time with a whole more experience than what we used to have. Of course, I thought what better way for El Toto Blanco to return to the United States through the big door? In a previous interview, they asked me if I preferred to work in Mexico or AEW, and for me the answer was AEW. There is a lot of competition and we can make some outstanding matches. Me and Andrade have the same thought because we want it all. There’s the Tag Titles, TNT, the World title, and it does matter because we want it all because Mexicans are born to be champions. We’ve done it before and AEW won’t be the exception. Heck, if someone wants to join, we’ll even go for the trios’ titles. I am happy and thankful to Tony Khan. We are still in negotiations, as I am on a per-appearance deal, but I am elated to be and to reunite with Andrade. La Faccion Ingobernable is back, and what better place to return than on nearly the last segment of the biggest Pay Per View for the biggest company in America.“

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