Cody Rhodes return timeframe

Jun 10, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

Cody Rhodes will be out of action until early 2023, according to WWE.

As noted, Rhodes underwent surgery on Thursday to repair a complete tear of his right pectoral muscle, which he suffered while weight training last Friday night to prepare for WWE Hell In a Cell. Rhodes ended up defeating Seth Rollins in a 25-minute match at Hell In a Cell after shocking fans by revealing the deep bruises on his arm and upper chest. Rhodes’ wife, Brandi Rhodes, then announced on Thursday evening that he underwent successful surgery and is on his way to recovery.

In an update, Michael Cole and Pat McAfee played a video package on Rhodes and Rollins during tonight’s SmackDown on FOX. Cole noted that Rhodes will be out of action for 9 months.

WWE then officially announced on Twitter that Rhodes will be unable to compete for 9 months. They also noted that Rhodes was operated on by Dr. Jeffrey R. Dugas of Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

If that timeframe holds up and Rhodes is out of action until March of next year, this means Rhodes will miss the 2023 Royal Rumble Premium Live Event, and most of the WrestleMania 39 build. It’s always possible that Rhodes returns ahead of schedule, but it will be at least a few more months before they have an idea.

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  1. Really? says:

    Out of action for nine months but risked further injury for the sake of one match that had already happened twice before? Seems legit.

  2. MRK says:

    I don’t think any damage was done on Monday, that’s just to further things along. The smart think would be to split the titles, have Seth win one of them & then have Cody win it at Mania

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