Mick Foley reflects on working with Triple H

Jun 9, 2022 - by James Walsh

On a recent edition of Foley Is Pod, Mick Foley discussed working with Triple H in WWE, their No Way Out 2000 match, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Foley on working with Triple H in WWE:

“He was great and one of the great ring generals of all time. I know sometimes there may be some debate on where Triple H belongs – I was in there [with him]. You take someone who can bring out the best in his opponents, and that’s one of the great attributes for an all-time great, which Triple H was.”

On their No Way Out 2000 Hell in a Cell Match:

“It was powerful storytelling. You can find probably a couple of matches every month that are probably gonna be better, but man, to tell that story. It’s about images. It’s about creating moments. It’s difficult these days to create moments because the bar is set really high for televised matches because we expect matches to be really good. Even when they’re great, fans will hate a show in general because of pushes and politics. It’s a fan’s right not to enjoy a show even if it has some great wrestling in it. Point being, it takes more than great wrestling to make a great show, and it takes more than a great match to make a great moment. I realized early on that I don’t have the physical capability of having the Ric Flair or Ricky Steamboat type of match. But I remembered the moments – Snuka/Muraco, and that was an eight-minute cage match which even by the standards of the time, wasn’t a great cage match until Snuka went up to the top. It was an iconic moment because the story leading up to it had been so good too. The rivalry was there…..that was a moment, and Triple H and I, we gave people a moment. It was more than just a great match. It was a great story and the culmination of a great story and moment.”

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