Matt Hardy comments on Bryan Danielson’s leg trap ramp scare

Jun 9, 2022 - by James Walsh

Matt Hardy guest appeared on ‘Drinks With Johnny’ where they talked about blurred lines in wrestling and what’s legit and what’s not.

This led to Hardy talking about Bryan Danielson’s leg getting caught between the ramp and the ring on the May 18th episode of AEW Rampage. Hardy said Danielson is a master at making people believe.

“I mean there was even — I feel like it was good for AEW Rampage. There was a thing where Bryan Danielson had his leg stuck between the ramp and the ring and people were freaking out about it and I got some people that texted me like, ‘Oh my God, is Bryan Danielson all right?’ I was like, ‘What?’ You know, I saw a video on the internet where people that were at the show were like, ‘Oh my God, Bryan Danielson fell and his leg got trapped and they couldn’t get him out and he was in there for 15 minutes and hope they’re not gonna have to take off his leg’ or whatever but like, it’s one of those things where literally, his leg slid in there and then he just worked it the whole while and people — it’s as real as he makes them believe it is, you know? And he’s a master at doing that.

That’s the new kayfabe. Manipulating information that people really can’t be sure of the validity of, you know? That’s the new kayfabe now.”

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