Alex Gracia explains why she exited WOW

Jun 9, 2022 - by James Walsh

Alex Gracia departed WOW – Women of Wrestling back in February, and she explained why in a recent interview. Gracia spoke with Koffin Radio about her reasons for leaving the promotion, which is set to relaunch in fall with new syndicated episodes, and said that it just wasn’t a “good fit for my current goals and brand.”

“Nothing was wrong, everything was going to be great,” she said (per Fightful). “But with the contract and all that, it just wasn’t working. I was going to have to give up a lot of what I do already. My main thing is, I don’t care where I am or how much money is involved, what makes me happy is wrestling. I want to wrestle as much as I can, all year long, every week if I can, multiple matches. With the amount of tapings and restrictions, it didn’t seem like a fit for what I want in my life right now. I want to keep wrestling in different places and wrestling different girls and continuing to grow.”

Gracia added, “You have to figure out what works for you. Ultimately, you have to look out for yourself. Again, I’m in a place where I want to wrestle, not just the amount of times I can count on my hand. I love traveling and meeting people, that’s what I love about the Indies, I get to experience new cities, states, and countries, and get to meet all these people. That’s what I’m enjoying about my journey.”

Gracia has worked several matches for AEW in the past couple of years and also worked Women’s Wrestling Army’s debut show last month. She also had some matches in ROH in 2021.

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