6/8/22 AEW Dynamite Recap

Jun 8, 2022 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Independence, Missouri.

Match #1 – Casino Battle Royale; winner advances to the main event later tonight: Andrade El Idolo vs. Austin Gunn vs. Bobby Fish vs. Colten Gunn vs. Daniel Garcia vs. Dante Martin vs. Darby Allin vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Jake Hager vs. John Silver vs. Keith Lee vs. Konosuke Takeshita vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Lance Archer vs. Max Caster vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Rey Fenix vs. Ricky Starks vs. Swerve Strickland vs. Tony Nese vs. Wheeler Yuta
Darby Allin, Tony Nese, Daniel Garcia, Lance Archer, and Eddie Kingston start the match. Kingston and Garcia brawl and exchange shots as the other three men sit back and watch. Allin ducks to the outside as Nese and Archer stalk him, and then Nese pie-faces Archer. Archer comes back with a choke-slam, and Nese rolls to the floor. Allin brings his skateboard in the ring and hits Archer with it a few times. Archer goes through the ropes, and then Allin dives through the ropes onto him. Kingston and Allin get back into the ring and quickly exchange shots. Kingston drops Allin and chokes him with his boot.
The next five men enter the match, and they are Ricky Starks, Jake Hager, Rey Fenix, Swerve Strickland, and Keith Lee. Hager and Garcia double team Kingston, but Fenix pulls Garcia away. Strickland and Lee go after Nese and double-team him in the corner. Strickland sends Nese to the apron, but Nese brings Strickland out as well. Smart Mark Sterling grabs Strickland’s ankle, and Nese kicks Strickland into the ring post. Lee knocks Nese down on the apron, and then shoves him to the floor for the elimination. Archer and Lee get face-to-face and exchange shots. Archer sends Lee to the apron, but Lee comes back in and picks Archer up and sends him to the floor for the elimination.
The next five men enter the match, and they are John Silver, Konosuke Takeshita, Max Caster, Austin Gunn, and Colten Gunn as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, the next five men enter the match, and they are Powerhouse Hobbs, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, Dante Martin, and Wheeler Yuta. O’Reilly and Allin brawl immediately, as do Yuta and Garcia. Yuta delivers shots to Hager, as well, but he and Garcia double-team Yuta. Fenix delivers a superkick to Caster, and then the Gunns go after Lee. Fenix eliminates Caster, and the Gunns go after him. Lee and Fenix take out the Gunns, and then Lee clotheslines them for the eliminations. Strickland eliminates Lee, and then Hobbs and Starks double-team Silver.
The Joker enters the match, and it is Andrade El Idolo. Idolo attacks Allin and Strickland, and then beats down Allin with Fish and O’Reilly. Kingston and Garcia brawl to the apron. Hobbs eliminates Silver, and then Kingston and Hager are eliminated. Garcia is eliminated, and then Takeshita drops Starks with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Hobbs and Starks eliminate Takeshita, and then eliminate Martin. Fenix eliminates Starks and goes after Strickland. Allin and Strickland double-team Idolo, and Yuta stomps on Hobbs in the corner. Allin delivers a headbutt to O’Reilly, and then eliminates Fish. Strickland eliminates Allin, and then Idolo eliminates Strickland. Fenix drops Idolo with a DDT, and then follows with an arm-drag and a double stomp. Idolo comes back with a chop, but Fenix delivers a super kick. Hobbs takes Fenix down, and then delivers a spine-buster. Hobbs tries to eliminate Fenix, but Yuta eliminates Hobbs. O’Reilly takes Fenix down, as Idolo does the same to Yuta. Yuta fights Idolo and O’Reilly off, and then delivers a shotgun dropkick to Idolo, and then drops O’Reilly with a suplex.
O’Reilly comes back with a lariat, and then Fenix kicks Idolo in the face. Idolo comes back with a low-blow to Fenix, and then eliminates him. O’Reilly and Idolo double-team Yuta, but Yuta eliminates Idolo. Yuta and O’Reilly brawl to the apron and exchange shots out there. Yuta kicks O’Reilly back into the ring, and O’Reilly leg-whips Yuta in the ropes and then eliminates him.
Winner: Kyle O’Reilly
-After the match, Jon Moxley says he has been big game hunting in New Japan and blazing the trail in AEW. Moxley says it’s been a strange year and it hasn’t been easy. Moxley says with all due respect, O’Reilly is in the ring with the wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time, because the Forbidden Door belongs to him.

Jim Ross informs us that CM Punk underwent a successful surgery earlier today.

A new title is coming to AEW, and it will be the All-Atlantic Championship. The tournament to crown the inaugural champion begins tonight, and will conclude with a four-way match at Forbidden Door.

Match #2 – AEW All-Atlantic Championship Tournament – Qualifying Match: Buddy Matthews vs. PAC
They lock up and Matthews wrenches PAC’s arm. Matthews applies a wrist-lock, but PAC counters into one of his own. Matthews counters right back and takes PAC down with a side-headlock take down. PAC comes back and delivers a quick shot, and they stand at a stalemate. PAC sends Matthews off the ropes, but Matthews drops him with a shoulder tackle. PAC kicks up and drops Matthews with one of his own. PAC drops Matthews to the outside with a hurricanrana. Matthews gets back into the ring, but PAC ducks out the other side. Matthews follows, but PAC gets back into the ring. They fake each other out and stare each other down on the floor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Matthews drives his shoulder into PAC’s midsection. PAC comes back with a knee lift, and then follows with a DDT. They exchange shots, and Matthews drops PAC to his knees and stomps on his foot. PAC comes back with a few kicks, but Matthews delivers an uppercut. PAC gets a roll-up for two, and then delivers a superkick. Matthews comes back with a running knee lift, but PAC comes back with a German suplex. PAC follows with a lariat, but Matthews kicks him in the face. PAC comes back with an enzuigiri, but Matthews delivers a Liger Bomb for a two count. They exchange shots and PAC delivers a Poison-rana. PAC delivers a pump kick, and then hits the Black Arrow for the pin fall.
Winner: PAC
-After the match, Penta Oscuro and Rey Fenix come to the ring and celebrate with PAC. Malakai Black, Brody King, and Julia Hart meet Matthews on the ramp, and then Black stared down Oscuro, who he will meet in another qualifying match down the road.

Eddie Kingston is backstage and says he still hates The Jericho Appreciation Society. He says he wants Jake Hager in a match on Rampage, and he is going to fight him.

Trent Beretta is in the ring. He says today is National Best Friends Day, but his best friends aren’t here. He says a few weeks back, he and Rocky Romero had a match for the ROH World Tag Team titles, and they deserve another shot. He calls FTR out and tells them to make things right. FTR come to the ring, and Cash Wheeler says Beretta is right. Harwood says if it was up to them, they would give the fans a treat. Harwood says the problem Beretta has shouldn’t be with them, but should be with the guys who attacked them. They are interrupted by Will Ospreay. And then more members of the United Empire attack FTR and Beretta from behind. They toss FTR out of the ring, and then leave Beretta lying in the ring.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Kyle O’Reilly, who is with Bobby Fish and Adam Cole. William Regal is there as well, and asks O’Reilly if he is really ready to face Jon Moxley. Regal asks O’Reilly if his wife and his friends will miss him. O’Reilly says he has all the momentum in the world right now and is here to fight the best in the world and fight for the AEW World Championship.

Adam Cole joins the commentary team for the next match.

Match #3 – Singles Match: Adam Page vs. David Finlay
They get face-to-face and then lock-up. Page backs Finlay into the corner, but Finlay shoves him away. Page applies a side headlock, and then drops Finlay with a shoulder tackle. Finlay comes back with a dropkick, but Page gets up and they lock up again. Finlay drops Page and applies an arm-bar, but Page counters with a wrist-lock. Finlay counters into a front face-lock, and then turns it into a side-headlock. Finlay drops Page with a shoulder tackle, but Page comes back with a power slam. Page kicks Finlay in the face, and follows with a few chops. Page tosses Finlay to the outside and knocks him to the floor. Page sends Finlay into the barricade with a dive through the ropes, and then takes a sip of beer at ringside. Page tosses Finlay back into the ring, but Finlay comes back and takes Page’s knee out with a chop block as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Finlay takes Page down and stomps on him a few times. Page kicks Finlay away and drops him with a fall-away slam. Page clotheslines Finlay in the corner, and then delivers a few chops. Page sends Finlay to the outside and takes him out with a cross-body. Page tosses Finlay back into the ring, but Finlay kicks him in the face. Finlay goes for a knee strike, but Page catches him and delivers a power bomb. Page goes for the cover, but Finlay kicks out. Page goes for Dead Eye, but Finlay rolls through and delivers a back-breaker. Finlay goes for the cover, but Page kicks out. Finlay delivers a back elbow in the corner and goes for a cross-body, but Page rolls through. Finlay counters with a roll-up for two, and then delivers an uppercut. Finlay goes for a German suplex, but Page lands on his feet and drops Finlay with a clothesline. Page delivers the Buckshot Lariat and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Adam Page
-After the match, Page says there is a lot that he wants to say about the AEW World Championship. Page says tonight is not the night for that, because it doesn’t look like he is going to get a title shot anytime soon. Page says there is not only one World Championship in professional wrestling, and says he wants the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship and wants Okada at Forbidden Door. Adam Cole interrupts and says his good friend, Jay White, could be the champion. Cole says Page isn’t a champion anymore, and says if anyone gets a shot at the IWGP title, it should be him. Cole says Page’s time has come and gone, and AEW is now all about Adam Cole. Cole tells Page to stay out of his way.

Earlier today, Thunder Rosa was interrupted by Marina Shafir during an interview, which set up a title match for later tonight.

Tony Schiavone interviews Wardlow. Wardlow says he opted not to be in the Casino Battle Royale earlier because CM Punk is the champion, and if he isn’t making him tap or pinning his shoulders to the mat, he doesn’t want it yet. Wardlow tells Punk to heal up quick, because he’ll be waiting on him to get back. Wardlow says there is a title he wants, however, that a few men brought respect to, and that a few men have disrespected since then. He says he wants the TNT Championship, and Scorpio Sky walks to the ring. Dan Lambert and Ethan Page run out after him and keep him from getting in the ring. Wardlow says is Sky has a bum knee, he will wait until he is 110% ready.

Smart Mark Sterling appears backstage. He calls Wardlow a big dummy for ripping up legal papers on live television last week. Sterling says Wardlow can face him in the court of law, or he can wrestle 20 of the security guys that he has attacked in an elimination match next week.

The Young Bucks are backstage. They say they beat Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus clean as a whistle on Dynamite, and then beat The Lucha Brothers on Rampage, and now they want the AEW World Tag Team titles back. The Hardys walk in, and say that The Bucks didn’t beat them. The Hardys say they deserve a title match, and then Christian Cage, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus walk in. Cage says none of them deserve a title match, and says The Bucks did pin Jungle Boy in his hometown in front of his family. Cage says he is officially issuing a challenge for next week, a three-way Ladder Match for the titles.

Match #4 – AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Marina Shafir
They lock up, and Shafir drops Rosa to the mat.  Shafir slams Rosa into the corner, and then follows with knee strikes. Shafir takes Rosa down, but Rosa counters into a wrist-lock on the mat. Shafir counters out and applies a rear choke. Rosa rolls through and gets a two count, and then slams Shafir into the corner. Rosa delivers a few chops, and follows with forearm strikes. Shafir comes back with a chop of her own, but Rosa drops her with a clothesline. Rosa delivers knee strikes, and then kicks Shafir in the midsection. Rosa delivers a right hand, but Shafir comes back with a shot of her own. Shafir drops Rosa with a snap suplex as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Rosa kicks Shafir into the corner, and then follows with a few corner clotheslines. Rosa delivers a double knee strike, and then dropkicks her in the back against the ropes. Rosa delivers a Northern Lights suplex and goes for the cover, but Shafir kicks out. Shafir comes back and trips Rosa up, and clubs her in the back. Shafir slams Rosa to the mat and goes for the cover, but Rosa kicks out. Rosa fights back with body shots, and then drops Shafir with a Death Valley Driver. Rosa goes for the cover, but Shafir kicks out. Rosa delivers a few kicks to the chest and gets a roll-up for two. Shafir goes for a pump-handle slam, but Rosa rolls through and gets the pin fall on a roll-up.
Winner and still AEW Women’s World Champion: Thunder Rosa
-After the match, Shafir kicks Rosa in the back, and delivers a headbutt to Rosa’s back. Shafir slams Rosa to the mat, and then locks in her submission called Greedy. Toni Storm rushes the ring and delivers a dropkick to Shafir. Storm delivers shots to Shafir and drops her with a German suplex. Rosa drops Shafir with the Fire Thunder Driver. Storm picks up the AEW Women’s World title and hands it to Rosa.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Jade Cargill, The Baddies, and Stokely Hathaway. Cargill says no one can mind their business, and Hathaway says Red Velvet will go one-on-one with Kris Statlander this Friday on Rampage.

Announced for this Friday’s Rampage:
-Trios Tag Team Match: FTR and Trent Beretta vs. Aussie Open and Will Ospreay
-Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh in action
-Eddie Kingston vs. Jake Hager
-Kris Statlander vs. Red Velvet
-We will hear from Danhausen and Hook

Announced for next Wednesday’s Dynamite Road Rager:
-AEW World Tag Team Championship – Three-Way Ladder Match: Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus (c) vs. The Hardys vs. The Young Bucks
-20-on-1 Handicap Class Action Elimination Match: Wardlow vs. Security Guards
-Hair vs. Hair Match: Chris Jericho vs. Ortiz
-AEW All-Atlantic Championship Tournament – Qualifying Match: Ethan Page vs. Miro

Match #5 – Interim AEW World Championship Eliminator Match: Jon Moxley vs. Kyle O’Reilly
They lock up and Moxley takes O’Reilly down near the ropes. O’Reilly comes back with a wrist-lock, but Moxley counters and takes O’Reilly to the mat. O’Reilly comes back and backs Moxley against the ropes, but they break apart. They lock up again, and Moxley applies a hammer-lock. Moxley begins joint manipulation on O’Reilly’s fingers, and then works over O’Reilly’s arm. O’Reilly counters into a pin attempt for a one count, and then goes for an arm-bar. Moxley gets free and stomps O’Reilly on the mat. O’Reilly backs into the ropes and goes to the floor. O’Reilly comes back in and delivers a few quick strikes and kicks to Moxley. Moxley fires back and they exchange shots, and then Moxley delivers a headbutt. O’Reilly kicks Moxley’s leg and backs him into the corner. Moxley comes back with a few corner clotheslines, but O’Reilly comes back with a dropkick to Moxley’s knee. O’Reilly leg-whips Moxley in the ropes, and then drops a knee to Moxley as Moxley’s knee was wrapped in the ropes as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Moxley drops O’Reilly with a superplex. O’Reilly fights back and they exchange shots. Moxley delivers headbutts and kicks O’Reilly in the face. O’Reilly comes back with a kick, and then they kick each other in the face simultaneously. O’Reilly goes for the arm-breaker, but Moxley counters with a rear choke. O’Reilly bites the middle rope to break the hold, and then Moxley kicks the rope into O’Reilly’s teeth. Moxley delivers the King Kong Lariat and goes for the cover, but O’Reilly kicks out. Moxley delivers more shots on the mat, and follows with elbow strikes. Moxley delivers knee strikes, but O’Reilly comes back with one of his own. O’Reilly kicks Moxley in the chest, but Moxley comes back with a cutter. Moxley goes for a pile-driver, but O’Reilly counters into a triangle sleeper. O’Reilly transitions into an ankle lock/knee-bar hold, but Moxley delivers a right hand to break it up. Moxley delivers a pile-driver and goes for the cover, but O’Reilly kicks out. They exchange shots and O’Reilly delivers a suplex. Moxley rolls through and delivers one of his own. O’Reilly rolls through and they exchange shots again.
Moxley applies the Bulldog Choke, and then delivers knee strikes. Moxley delivers the Regal Knee and follows with the Paradigm Shift for the pin fall.
Winner: Jon Moxley

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