PCO comments on when his Impact contract expires, plus today’s birthdays

Jun 7, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

PCO commented on the Juice Pro Wrestling podcast….

“I’m under contract with IMPACT Wrestling and, to be honest, I really like what’s going on there right now. I’m really happy with the way that things are going and the way they approach the character and everything. I think they’ve done a great job so, I don’t know. I’ve got this contract lined up. I’ve always been very loyal, too, when I sign a deal somewhere. I’m the type of guy that’s gonna ask maybe for special permission to go and try somewhere else and see how it goes and how it is. We’ll see down the line because my contract is finishing up in October, it’s just around the corner. We’ll see what’s going on there.”

– Happy birthday to…..

Billy Graham

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