Gangrel shares story of getting into a headbutting contest with a WWE hall of famer

Jun 7, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

The latest guest on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy was former WWE star Gangrel, who spoke in-depth about a wide variety of pro-wrestling-related topics, which included a wild story of the time he got into a headbutt contest with WWE Hall of Famer Michael Hayes at an Outback Steakhouse. Full story can be found in the highlights below.

Shares story of headbutt contest he had with Michael Hayes:

“I don’t know how we all ended up there [Outback Steakhouse]. Matt and Jeff ate healthy. Christian and Edge were really healthy eaters. At that point I didn’t really care much about eating, I was just looking for my next Jack Daniels shot. So we ended up at the Outback and I went to the bar and sat down with Michael Hayes which was a big mistake. So I go to the bar and we’re doing shots and it’s all cool but then, I don’t know if you’ve been around Michael Hayes, but he tells a lot of stories but they’re stories you’ve already heard once, twice, three times. So when you’re getting on about the tenth round of the same story and you finish the story for him and he gets hot, ‘Hey, wait a minute. It’s my time! You know what that means, boy?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah I know what that means, you can shut up [laughs].’ He goes, ‘You wanna headbutt?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah I wanna headbutt,’ because I was frustrated. I think we started headbutting in the Outback. If I remember right, Matt, Jeff, Christian, and Edge came over and said, ‘We gotta get this outside.’ So we went outside and continued going outside. We went back and forth and he caught me with one good one so I riffled back with another one, boom. Then I hit him with one more. I think he started bleeding and I was getting ready to go in for the kill and Christian and Edge and Matt and Jeff, they broke it up because we were getting ready to go down the side of a hill.”

Admits that he was wrong and adds that he has nothing but respect for Michael Hayes:

“Don’t get me wrong, I love Michael Hayes. Michael’s been nothing but good to me, he just wanted to headbutt that night. He thought I was being disrespectful, but maybe I was. Shit man, I heard the story ten times. You got a few drinks in you yourself and you say stuff you shouldn’t say. He’s a senior to me, I should have been quiet but it ended up in a headbutting contest. We were good after it. Still good today.”

transcribed by Fightful

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