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Jun 6, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

An executive at Warner Bros. Discovery reportedly issued an edict on MJF last week.

A new report from PWInsider notes that late last week, Warner Bros. Discovery issued an edict to remove MJF from all promotional spots and commercials for AEW programming moving forward.

MJF was removed from the AEW Rampage opening on Friday, and word then was that he will also be removed from the AEW Dynamite opening before this Wednesday. Furthermore, it was noted that MJF is currently being edited out of any TBS and TNT spots that he appears in, with different AEW footage replacing him.

It was also said that existing spots with MJF have been officially pulled, but it’s possible some may still pop up as they transition to newer spots and promos.

As noted, several executives and employees from Warner Bros. Discovery were in attendance for last Wednesday’s post-Double Or Nothing edition of AEW Dynamite from Los Angeles. It looks like this edict was issued after that Dynamite.

We noted before how AEW removed MJF from their official roster page, and they also removed his page from their merchandise website. The company also stopped following him on social media, and they have not referenced his Dynamite “shoot promo” since then. We also noted how AEW did not upload any MJF photos in their weekly Dynamite photo gallery for media outlets to use. The Dynamite segment was not uploaded to AEW’s various social media channels.

There’s been a feeling that the MJF – AEW situation was turned into a storyline following his sitdown meeting with AEW President Tony Khan, which was held in Las Vegas early last week. He then appeared on Dynamite with what is being called “MJF’s pipebomb promo,” but there’s been no developments since then. MJF has been quiet on social media as well.

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Mackdeezy says:

    One hell of a storyline to involve “Warner executives”.

    Though, I am reminded of when Mohammad Hassan was effectively removed from TV by USA and UPN. That turned out to be real. Also reminded of “Palmer Cannon”, a “UPN network executive”. That one, however, was scripted.

  2. Laverne Noble says:

    Keep him off the air! Family oriented television don’t need to be exposed to a person who did what he did on live TV!

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