Gangrel says Luna nixed a kissing angle for him with Terri Runnels

Jun 5, 2022 - by James Walsh

During an appearance on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy (via Fightful), Gangrel revealed there was once a plan for him to have a kissing scene with Terri Runnels in the WWE, but Luna Vachon put a stop to it. The two were a couple at the time.

He said:

“I think I was supposed to do something with Terri Runnels. I was supposed to do a kissing scene with Terri after the ladder match stuff and then Luna came into the locker room and put her tongue down Terri Runnels’ throat. Kissed her and said, ‘I kissed you first you bitch before you could kiss him.’ Next thing you know I just kind of disappeared.“

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