AJ Mendez on how her role with WOW came about

Jun 5, 2022 - by James Walsh

In a recent interview on The Sessions, AJ Mendez discussed how her role with WOW came about, what she’s looking for in WOW talent, and much more. You can read her comments below.

Mendez on how her role with WOW came about:

“It came about because the last two or three years I’ve been working on getting into film and television writing, which was my initial focus in school. I went to NYU film school for writing and production. I couldn’t afford school, got kicked out, and ended up going to my passion, my love, which was wrestling. When I retired from that, I started a production company. Through that process of being a producer and a writer and a wrestler, it seemed like the perfect fit when WOW was looking for that person – a woman who knew wrestling and also knew how to write and produce. I talked to Jeanie Buss, who’s the owner of the Lakers. She explained that she was the owner of WOW and the executive producer. She was very open-hearted and open-minded to share this title with me and to bring my expertise in both areas. It felt like the most perfect fit of what I do now versus where I’ve been. I’ve never forgotten where I came from, I’m just not bumping. So it was the easiest way to combine those two loves and see what the next generation is doing and to see this whole group of women who are brand new with shiny, hopeful eyes.”

On what she’s looking for in WOW talent:

“I think the biggest thing is that just that everybody gets along and it’s a safe, comfortable, inclusive environment. Our entire cast is so diverse. We have all different cultures, all different shapes and sizes, all different experience levels coming in. Some people have been wrestling for 10 years, some have been wrestling for 10 weeks. It’s just really fascinating to see every woman on TV being a different kind of role model. The goal is to show that superheroes come in so many packages and that women can be a superhero in so many ways.”

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