Impact Wrestling, 6/2/22

Jun 2, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from the latest episode of Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.

We start the show with a video package from last week.  The Eric Young story with Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander continues to be the focal point.

Match 1 Savanah Evans (Impact Knockouts Champion) VS Mia Yim

Yim is recognized as a former Knockouts Champion eventhough she went by a different name then.  Deonna Purrazzo has joined the announce team.  The are speaking of the Queen of the Mountain Match coming at Slammiversary.  Evans and Yim jockey for position and superiority.  After a shoulder by Evans, Yim connects with some knees, a ranna, and a chop block.  Evans recovers and hits a DDT out of nowhere for a 2 count.  Yim is hip tossed and then eats a double under hook suplex.  Yim slips behind Evans and lays in a spin kick.  She bounces the ropes, but Evans catches her and lands a powerbomb for another 2 count.  Evans follows this up with a slam.  Evans then rams herself into the turnbuckle trying to spear Yim.  Both are hurt now.  Yim hits a dropkick as she gets to her feet, and then another.  Yim lays in a German next.  She follows up with a cannonball in the corner for a 2 count.   Evans muscles Yim to the corner and then gets a two count off a Samoan Drop.  She follows it up with a beautiful fisherman’s suplex for another 2 count.  Yim kicks herself free, but Steelz interferes on the outside.  Jordynne Grace enters and attacks Tasha.  Yim hits her finisher and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall, Mia Yim

Sharkboy approaches Eddie Edwards backstage and questions his lack of respect for TNA/ImpactChris Harris enters to challenge Eddie to a fight.  Harris and Sharkboy shake hands as the segment ends with Eddie walking off.

Knockouts Tag Champs, The Influence are backstage and approach Rosemary.  They tell her they are here to help her mourn the loss of Havok.  They say they have some make up for her to try.  Rosemary says Havok will be back and she should keep the makeup to fix up their face.

Match 2.  Kenny King (of Honor No More) VS Blake Christian (if Blake wins, King loses his spot in the X Division  Ultimate X Championship match

Trey Miguel joins commentary for this match.  Blake tries to shake hands, but gets sucker punched.  Christian and Kings bounce the ropes repeatedly with Blake finally winning that exchange with a spinning windmill kick to the head.  The match spills to the floor and King punches Blake a few times, but Blake is too quick and runs in the ring and dives over the ropes with a flying swanton bomb.  Back from break, King sweeps the leg and pounds Blake.  He drags Christian to the corner and suplexes him out for a two count.  Back from break, King is in control with sweep of the legs, into a abdominal stretch.  Blake eventually escapes but King levels Blake with a blockbuster.  King hits a big spine buster for two.  Blake almost wins off a rollup.  King and Blake tie up on the apron.  Blake kicks him and heads to the top.  He splashes King, who was draped over the top rope.  He gets a two count after King grabbed the bottom rope.  Blake lands a ranna and then a backslide for two.  Kings blocks a four fifty and finishes Blake with the Royal Flush.

Winner by pinfall.  Kenny King

Post Match Jack Evans has been added to Ultimate X at Slammiversay.

Match 3.  Mathew Rehwoldt VS Digital Media Champion, Rich Swann

Matt Cardona stole the belt after Swann beat him last weekend, but Swann is the champ.  Matt asks for a test of strength to start the match.  Swann baits him into a dance.  Swann and Matt bounce the ropes and trade traditional open of match moves.  Swann outsmarts him several times until Matt hits sliced bread off the apron.  Swann is then throat stomped into the ring.  That was brutal.  Swann hits a few kicks and a neck breaker.  Swann rannas Matt.  Matt recovers and does a unique slam and gets a two count.  Swann hits a cutter off of a back hand spring.  After a Phoenix splash, Swann is the winner.

Winner by pin fall.  Rich Swann

Alisha Edwards is interviewed about a situation that is brewing between her and Masha SlamovichGisele Shaw walks up and isn’t concerned for her safety.

Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, The Good Brothers (representing Bullet Club) enter the arena in street clothes.  The announce they will face the Briscoes at Slammiversary for the belts.    They admit The Briscoes have a lot of championships, but it doesn’t match up to headlining Madison Garden and the Tokyo Dome.  The then start talking about their top ten accomplishments at Impact Wrestling.  I think 7 of the accomplishments was the same time they beat the Briscoes.  The Briscoes enter the arena.  The champs head to the ring.  They basically tell the GB’s they are soft.  They even farm before they wrestle.  The GB’s keep bragging about beating the champs.  The two teams start throwing punches.  The Briscoes dispose of the Good Brothers and stand tall.

Josh Alexander is interviewed by Gia Miller backstage.  He says he is not surprised by EY is trying to put all his stooges out to do dirty work prior to their match.  Right on que, he gets attacked by all members of Violent by Design.

Next… we see Josh asking Scott D’Amore for a match with Joe Doering.  Scott says he shouldn’t do it, but if he must, they can do it next week.

Match 4.   Honor No More… Matt Taven and Mike Bennett (with Eddie Edwards) VS Heath and Rhino

Eddie joins the announce team for the match.  Rhino and Mike start the match.  Rhino tees off on Bennett and beats him from pillar to post.  He tags in Heath and he keeps the momentum, but tags Taven who enters to a clothesline and backdrop.  Rhino tags back in and they double team Taven.  Matt goes to the floor for a powder and we go to break.

Bennett tags in as we return and Heath didn’t see it.  He attacks Heath from behind.  He does the poke of the eye deal after bouncing the ropes a few times.  It is a funny spot.  Bennett then knocks Rhino from the apron, leading to some more double teaming.  Taven then eats a Heath kick to the head.  Rhino needs in, but Taven fights it off.  Eventually Rhino gets tagged in and clears the ring.  Taven sneaks behind him with a cheap shot and lays him out.  Taven rolls up Rhino for the pin.

Winners HNM.

Post match the entire crew of HNM come in to attack Heath and Rhino.  Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian and Alex Shelley come in to make the save.  Rhino looks hurt.  Rhino’s knee was tied up in a chair.  Next we see Heath accompanying him on a ambulance.  Scott D’Amore tells Shelley, Kazarian and Sabin they have HNM at Slammiversary.

Main Event.  W. Morrissey and PCO VS Moose and Steve Maclin

Lots of feeling out to start the match.  It really doesn’t start until W and Moose enter.  They trade some stiff chops in the corner.  W hits a big boot to the face and PCO tags back in.  He lays in some stiff chops in the corner and then a few running clotheslines.  W tags in and he works over Moose in the corner.  His alliance with Moose a few months ago, seems like forever.  Maclin distract W and Moose chop blocks the knee.  Maclin tags in and hits a leg DDT.  That was cool.  Maclin is old school working the leg now.  The Anderson’s would be proud.  Moose tags in for a few shots and Maclin comes right back in.  He locks on an Indian Death Lock.  Morrissey kick free, but can’t get to his feet.  Moose tags in, but W gets to his corner.  PCO comes in hot.  Maclin gets cannonballed.  Moose gets shouldered to the floor.  PCO hits an assisted d-animator.  PCO then belly to bellies Moose for a two count.  Maclin makes the save and gets tossed with Moose to the floor.  PCO hurls himself to the floor on them.  This dude is crazy at his age.  PCO heads to the top after bringing in Moose.  He misses a moonsault.  He gets up and he and Moose double clothesline each other.  W tags in.  Maclin distracts W.  Moose takes out W.  PCO takes out Moose and then PCO on the floor.  He hits a DDT on W and gets the pin.

Winners.  Moose and Maclin

PCO takes out Maclin post match.  Moose then spears PCO.  The lights go out and The Death Machine, Sami Callahan enters and destroys Moose as the show ends.  Sami wants Moose at Slammiversary, and says this will never be over.

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