Lynch backtracks on wizard line, tells Chris Jericho “no heat!”

May 31, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Becky Lynch had to backtrack on a line she delivered last night on Raw after quickly realizing she stole Chris Jericho’s current gimmick!

“I have superhuman powers. I’m a wizard,” Lynch said during commentary, explaining how she made Bianca Belair’s title disappear quickly at SummerSlam last year. She then said she’s actually a magician and not a wizard.

WWE’s social media team even posted the wizard quote, but Lynch corrected them.

“I’m a magician. I made her title disappear in 26 seconds,” Lynch wrote. “I preferred that line.”

She then jokingly addressed Chris Jericho.

“No heat @IAmJericho,” she tweeted.

Jericho has been using the wizard gimmick for the last several weeks as he continues to reinvent himself in AEW.

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