Booker T reacts to Stephanie McMahon stepping away from WWE

May 30, 2022 - by James Walsh

Stephanie McMahon announced earlier this month that she will be taking a leave of absence from WWE to focus on her family. In the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast (via Wrestling Inc), Booker T reacted to the news, saying that while people are going to speculate, he would have done the same thing in her shoes.

He said:

“It just seems like people want to find something controversial to be able to talk about … Her taking time off means nothing other than she’s taking time off. Shane McMahon has taken time off several times, he’s always come back. He’s taken more time off. I don’t look at it like most because everybody’s looking for a story. And me, like you said, Stephanie has been in the trenches for a long time. To take a break, I think is a break well needed.“

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