Tay Conti shares texts of someone threatening to kill Sammy Guevara

May 29, 2022 - by James Walsh

Tay Conti wrote the following on Twitter in regards to threats that have been directed towards her and boyfriend Sammy Guevara

“This is absurd. His name is DUSTIN DOLEZAL and he’s been threatening Sammy and I since January. He writes us EVERY SINGLE DAY and apparently planning to do something with us in June. I’m taking legally precautions but if something happens to us y’all know who to look for.”

Conti also shared private text messages that were sent to Guevara…

“I’m mad you with taynara at all. What she did to me f*cked up. So. Yes. I’m willing to snap your neck or slit you throat. And yes. I’ll be see you soon. I hope you understand what your little act did. But. Yeah dud. I dispise you and hope you and family g2 hell soon. F*ck you for still doing this skit. And yes. Your ruining wrestling and personal relationships. Hope your happy with that. #disappointment”

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