MJF no shows AEW Fan Fest before Double or Nothing

May 28, 2022 - by James Walsh

PWinsider.com reports that MJF did not show for his scheduled appearance at the AEW Fanfest today and it’s reportedly not part of an angle. He legitimately did not show up and AEW has not been able to contact him. AEW staff tried to make it up to fans who paid for MJF autographs and photos by offering exchanges to other talents.

There has been the feeling in AEW lately that MJF hasn’t been on the same page as management and has been keeping more to himself backstage. He has between eighteen months and two years left on his original deal. AEW management has wanted to talk to him about signing a newer, longer-term deal. They have done this in the past with talents, signing them to new, longer deal long before their current one expires. MJF has reportedly not been open to sitting down and talking. There are some backstage who feel he’s been disrespectful to Tony Khan, but it’s unknown if Khan himself believes that or not.

MJF referencing Cody Rhodes, Bruce Prichard and WWE in interviews and promos, including defending WWE on Twitter, has sparked rumors about his unhappiness with where he is. He has voiced his unhappiness on social media, including tweeting ‘F*** this place.’ when Tony Khan spoke about him during a media call. He later deleted the tweet. However, it should be noted that MJF is almost always in character so it would be hard to tell what his actual opinion on the situation is.

When Khan was asked about him during the media call, he said that wrestling is exciting when real life mixes with what’s on the screen. He said that MJF bringing his issues with the company and contractual discusses add interest to his match with Wardlow, which is still scheduled for Double or Nothing tomorrow night.

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  1. What? says:

    If this turns out to be accurate, well gosh, what wrestling company wouldn’t want to snap him up now?

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