Tony Khan takes a dig at WWE for moving MITB to smaller venue

May 27, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Photo Credit: AEW

AEW President Tony Khan couldn’t resist not taking a dig at WWE for moving Money In The Bank from Allegiant Stadium to MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Writing on Twitter, Khan said that yesterday was one of his favorite days which included a dinner with his dad and UFC President Dana White where he got to break the news to White about MITB moving MGM.

“Genius move trying to take on Dana and the UFC in Vegas during International Fight Week,” Khan said in a second tweet.

WWE announced during SummerSlam that Money In The Bank would be taking place at the Allegiant Stadium during the Independence Day weekend, a busy weekend for the UFC with a major show and International Fight Week.

The move did backfire, and while WWE sold around 17,000 tickets without a card announced, having that show in a stadium was not going to be viable.

But perhaps what Khan fails to realize is that Dana White and Vince McMahon are actually friends, and White often lauds McMahon as one of the greatest promoters in the history of the business.

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  1. Mackdeezy says:

    Says the guy who is soooo out of touch with his fanbase, he admits his acknowledgement that they dont like Sammy, yet continues to have Sammy play hot potato with the TNT title.

  2. What? says:

    I get that no one in AEW can resist taking a shot at WWE at every opportunity they are given and some they create. In that regard, good job to Tony for staying on brand. But, I don’t think at AEW’s 3-year mark they’re quite at “razzing WWE for not being able to fill a stadium” level. Maybe once they’ve filled a few of their own instead of topping out at venues roughly the size of the one WWE downsized to. It could be coming, but not yet.

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