Ticketmaster starts refund process for Money In The Bank 2022

May 27, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Ticketmaster has began processing refunds today for those who purchased a ticket for Money In The Bank at the Allegiant Stadium.

WWE announced yesterday that the July show is being moved to the MGM Grand Garden Arena instead and while no official reason was given, the show only sold around 17,000 tickets, which would not be a good look for a stadium show, even if half the stadium was going to be utilized.

Rather than dealing with migrating tickets of those who already bought them, WWE decided to refund everyone and offer an opportunity to buy MITB tickets at the MGM during a pre-sale on June 1.

17,000 tickets sold without a card even announced is usually a great thing…if this was in a regular arena and not a 70,000-seater stadium. The MGM Grand Garden Arena will host up to 14,000 in a wrestling setup.

For those who purchased tickets and are awaiting a refund, please note that funds will take a few days before they show up on your account.

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