Independent wrestler claims he has been falsely imprisoned

May 27, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Billy Reil’s Facebook page:

Attention!! 🚨
Billy’s Family, Friends and Fans
Billy has been falsely imprisonmed, ironically, since Mother’s Day. According Billy’s Mother, the DA added false charges to trump up the case. She contends she had no idea he would do so. Speaking to Billy, he had a bad day in March, argued with Mickie over his cousin Brian, relapsed but checked into rehab the next day on his own accord.
Billy has been clean and sober for over 65 days and is trying to stay positive despite his dire circumstances. Billy needs your help! He wants to hear from you and is asking for letters and money to be put on his books so he can eat, buy cosmetics and obtain simple clothing. Billy wishes for books through Amazon to be sent. He is currently falsely imprisoned with $100,000 bail. His sceond Court date is tomorrow May, 27.
Billy Reil PP988537
7901 State Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19136

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