Impact Wrestling 05/26/2022

May 26, 2022 - by Chris Smith

Alex Shelley vs. Trey Miguel.

Great opening match. Both guys started the match off with a handshake and you can tell both men have respect for each other.The counters in this match are very impressive and creative. This match needs to be seen. Trey Miguel wins with a creative roll up pin.


Backstage segment with The Briscoes and The Good Brothers.


Masha Slamovich vs. Havok.

This was a pretty quick match and Slamovich wins after maybe five minutes or so. A surprising win and the commentary team sells it pretty well.


Backstage segment with Trey Miguel, Kenny King and Blake Christian.

Next week King is putting his Ultimate X spot on the line.

Backstage segment with Rich Swann 

Rich Swann wants to face Matt Reinwoldt at Slammiversary. After the promo ends Reinwoldt says he would be happy to do it.


Chelsea Green vs. Jordynne Grace.

This match was pretty solid for the most part. Grace wins with the Grace Driver.

Backstage segment with Honor No More.

Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian.

This match is great, I love hearing about all the good old days in TNA and Impact Wrestling. Match gets interrupted by Honor No More and they come backstage and say that Impact Wrestling doesnt deserve to celebrate 20 years because of their lack of respect to them. heath comes in with Rhino and says that they need to shut up and that they got fired and that they gave them an opprtunity. Rhino says they gave him an opportunity in 2005 and that he was able to Gore his way to the title. They get into a  brawl before the segment ends.

Raj Singh and Sheera vs. Bhupinder Gujjar and W Morrisey.

This match was really fun. Sheera is a monster and I love what they are doing with W Morrisey currently.Worth taking a look. Gujjar wins with mid rope diving Spear.

Backstage segment with Moose and Steve Maclin.

Maclin says that he needs to get Moos outta his head. Moose says he does and the lights flicker and Maclin reminds him that he needs to get him outta his head.


The Briscoes and Josh Alexander vs. Violent By Design.

Very great main event match. Josh Alexander continues to show why hes one of if not the best technical wrestler around. Start the match with Deaner and from there both teams exchange control of the match. A couple of really col spots in this match. Violent By Design wins after Eric Young hits  Piledriver.


Overall great show and would definitely recommend as things are getting close to Slammiversary and I feel as if there are a few more surprises left in the Ultimate X match qualifiers and i think that Honor No More is a very interesting and unique stable. Next week should be great with the matches announced.



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