Thea Hail NXT updates

May 25, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

WWE NXT Superstar Thea Hail is set to graduate high school today, and will announce which college she’s decided to attend on next week’s show, which will be the go-home episode for In Your House.

WWE began airing new vignettes for the 18 year old Hail on last week’s show. She noted then that she is proud to announce her WWE signing, adding that she doesn’t care if she was the youngest at her WWE tryout because all she wanted to do is prove she wants this. Hail also said there is one thing she needs to do first and that’s graduate high school. She revealed in that first vignette that WWE is allowing her to train while attending college.

A second vignette aired during last night’s NXT show, the night before Hail actually graduates from high school. She noted in the vignette that some of her friends want to be teachers, nurses or marketing executives, and that’s awesome, but she’s always been focused on WWE. Hail said she’s studied hard and has been accepted into top schools, and while it will be challenging to continue her education while training to be a WWE Superstar, she’s up for the challenge.

Hail then revealed that she will be live on next week’s NXT show with her high school diploma in hand, and that’s where she will announce the college that she has decided on.

Formerly known as Nikita Knight on the indies, Hail was signed in the same March WWE Performance Center Class that included Roxanne Perez, Arianna Grace, Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan, Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo, Fallon Henley, Kiana James, and Sloane Jacobs, among others. Real name Maddie Knisley, Hail came to WWE as a six-time state champion in vault, and trained in competitive gymnastics for 11 years.

Hail worked two AEW Dark matches before joining WWE. She came up short against current AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa in September 2021, and then was defeated by Julia Hart in October 2021. Hail has already worked four TV matches for WWE. She lost to Ivy Nile on the April 8 NXT Level Up show, was defeated by Henley on the April 22 Level Up show, was defeated by Jacobs on the May 6 Level Up episode, and then took a loss to Elektra Lopez on the May 13 Level Up show.

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