Alexa Bliss turns fan in for threats

May 25, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

Alexa Bliss has turned in a fan for threatening to shoot her and her husband Ryan Cabrera.

Bliss has dealt with her share of crazed wrestling fans over the years, and that continued this week when one fan commented on an Instagram post promoting a charity event Bliss and Cabrera are hosting this Friday.

The fan had previously made threats to Bliss, and wrote in her public comments, “do you have anything to say ??”

Bliss responded, “I do have something to say – I saw the DM you sent to people saying you were going to shoot me and my husband yourself . Those screen shots have been turned in.”

The user wrote back, “you said that so many times who cares shoot myself never I would never do that I’m disabled get a check from the government I get out plus I know your ex twitch account”

The fan made several other alarming posts, where he indicated he’s talked to Bliss’ ex-fiancee Buddy Matthews on Twitch, and where he said he’s set fire to Bliss merchandise.

The user wrote in another post, “so you can’t stop me there what you going to do put an restraining order on me that’s not goin to work cause you can’t do that sweetheart nice try tho [laughing emoji x 2]”

He added in another post, “I guess not cause you know I’m right”

This appears to be a fan who has harassed Bliss for more than a year now, allegedly named Jason, and from Knoxville, TN. Other users commented that they have been trying to get police to investigate the user for the past year. It appears he has deleted his Instagram page after fans called him out following the responses from Bliss.

We noted back in June 2020 how one fan threatened to kill Cabrera, and it’s believed that this is the same person. Bliss dealt with a similar situation in February 2021.

You can see Bliss’ full Instagram post below, to promote Friday’s charity event for The Saving Huey Foundation:

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