AEW DYNAMITE 05/25/2022

May 25, 2022 - by Chris Smith

Wardlow vs. Shawn Spears. (Steel Cage Match) w MJF As Special Guest Referee

MJF is out first dressed very similar to how Shawn Michaels once dressed as referee. Shawn Spears comes out to the ring next followed by Wardlow still with no entrance but its still pretty cool hearing the crowd be the music for him so to speak. Wardlow runs Spears into the cage a few times. MJF kicks Wardlow from behind in the groin and Spears hits the C4 for a near two count even with a quick count by MJF. MJF tries to hold Wardlow so Spears can hit him with a steel chair but Wardlow ducks and Spears hits MJF instead. Wardlow with the Powerbomb for the win.

Backstage with the JAS. Jericho hits a backstage attendant with a fireball, because he’s a wizard.


Tony Schavone is in the ring and introduces CM Punk and Hangman Page for to face for the world title.

Tony talks about how they have both been on commentary lately while the other did the others moves. CM Punk says that you could say that  his biggest moment of his career was right here in Las Vegas. Boos and cheers for both men. Hangman said he was going to embarrass Punk  right here right now. Punk says he thought about sitting cross legged on the ramp. Page says he cant embarrass Punk because he knows its what he would do and he doesn’t think its the right thing to do. He says he doesn’t respect him of anything since he’s gotten here to AEW.He says for the first time ever he’s no defending the title against Punk, Hes defending AEW from Punk. Punk says he will shake his hand at Double Or Nothing and hes going to shake his hand tonight. They have a brief scuffle and the segment ends.


Promo for Anna Jay vs. Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship.

Regal is on commentary. JAS is out next. Jericho cuts off the music and says that Vegas doesn’t have what it takes to sing their music.


Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston vs. Private Party.

Good back and forth match. The commentary on this match is what really sells it for me. Regal and Jericho are telling the story and it really feels like their using their 30 pus years of knowledge in the business and knowing each other as the basis for the feud and I for one love it.


Promo for the Owen Hardt Cup Final.


ROH World Tag Team Championship. Roppongi Vice vs. FTR.


Booby Cruise is doing ring announcing and Caprice Coleman is on commentary for this match and it really feels like ROH. I love the fact that AEW brings other promotions in to work with them and they aren’t afraid to feature them or their Titles. Rocky and Cash trade pinfall attempts. and the crowd  shows its appreciation to both men. Cash tags in Dax who works on Trent who is in as well after a tag from Rocky. Dax tags Cash back in and Rocky gets the upper hand in the match as we head to a commercial break.

Commercial Break.


Back from break.

Match goes on for a bit longer before The Great O’Kahn and Jeff Cobb come out and lay everyone out and the match gets thrown out and they pose with the ROH World Tag Team Titles.


Segment with The Hardys ahead of their upcoming match with The Young Bucks’

The Hardys say they are here to show that they are here to become the greatest team of all time. Jeff says that AEW is his clean slate. Matt says they may be the Elite but they are the Delete. Great promo.

“Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Swerve Stickland vs. Jungle Boy.

Match stars off about as you would expect. Fast paced with each man trying to feel the other out to try and gain some leverage. Swerve tried a dive to get Ricky Starks but he didn’t fall for it. Starks poses as we head to commercial break.


Commercial Break.


Back From Break.


Match continues in the ring and the crowd is really into it. Swerve and Jungle Boy are up top and Starks tries to get up there with them but they push him off. Jungle Boy hits Swerve with a Hurricarana and Swerve is still standing, stunned, but standing. Starks goes for the Roshambo on Swerve. Jungle Boy has Starks in the Snare Trap in the center of the ring. Swerve with a dropkick on Jungle Boy and then hits the Swerve Stomp to pin Jungle Boy to win the match. Each man’s tag team partner comes out during a post match brawl. It stops when Powerhouse Hobbs, Luchasaurus and Keith Lee all get in the ring and they go at it. Luchassaurus and Powerhouse Hobs try to leave but Keith Lee dives onto the outside onto both of them and then poses in the ring with Swerve to end the segment.


Backstage segment with Dan Lambert and Men Of The Year.

Lambert says he already had a brand new belt ordered coming in for Scorpio Sky before Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti destroyed it. he said it would be unveiled Friday night on Rampage.


Tony Schivone interviews Thunder Rosa ahead of her Womens Title match Sunday at Double Or Nothing against Serena Deeb.


Commercial Break..

Back From Break.


Backstage segment with Red Velvet and Ruby Soho.  

Red Velvet tries to give Ruby advice o how to beat Kris Statlander. She says she’s smart enough to know she’s not facing the same woman again on Friday night but that she would keep some of those things in mind.


Dr Britt Baker D.M.D vs. Toni Storm.

Both ladies are taking turns taking control of the match with some very good technical wrestling and the crowd is very hot for Baker. Toni has Britt is the ropes but Toni breaks it clean at the refs request. Both ladies g to the outside and Toni gets the upper hand as the ref begins to count. Britt recovers and sends Toni into the steps as we head to commercial break.


Commercial Break.


Back From Break.

Match continues for a bit before Jaimie Hayter comes out to help Britt steal the match to advance to the finals. Great match but I feel like maybe it was rushed a bit. Not sure.


Promo for Double or Nothing.

Commercial Break

Back From Break.


Samoa Joe vs. Kyle O’Reilly.

Match starts off with both men showing off why they are two of the best strikers and match technicians around. Both men trade shots for a bit before we go to commercial break.


Commercial Break


Back From Break.

We come back from break with Joe having the advantage in the match. Joe went to get O’Reilly in the corner and O’reilly got him in an armbar. Joe gets to the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. O’Reilly is getting frustrated and takes off the tape. Joe gets control and gets O’reilly in a rear Naked Choke and O’reilly passes out. Joe wins to advance to face Adam Cole at Double Or Nothing in the Owen Hart Cup Final. Cole comes out to pose on the ramp as the show goes off the air.


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