CM Punk urges coworkers to stand with Sasha and Naomi

May 22, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE has gone to great lengths to edit out Sasha Banks and Naomi from their properties as the duo were also removed from the WWE intro video that airs before every show. Michael Cole later announced that both Superstars were suspended indefinitely and stripped off the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles.

WWE has also removed all merchandise of the two from so both women will not be getting any kind of money from potential sales. The WWE Women’s Tag Team titles entry on WWE.COM now has the vacant graphic but at least both are still listed under the Superstars section.

The WWE-run Facebook pages of Sasha and Naomi were deactivated on Friday as well ahead of the announcement. The Twitter and Instagram accounts are personally-controlled so WWE has no access to those social media accounts but Naomi did take down WWE references from her Twitter and Instagram while Sasha unfollowed pretty much everyone from WWE except for Naomi, Tamina, and John Cena.

Both Sasha and Naomi have yet to address their walkout publicly.

Meanwhile, AEW’s CM Punk put out a tweet, and while not specifically mentioning Sasha and Naomi, it was directed at those who are not supporting them.

“Doesn’t matter if your opinion of your coworker is positive or negative. Stand with them,” said Punk. “Because they’ll do the same thing to you and you’ll wish someone helped. Trust me. You’re expendable. Together you’re unstoppable.”

Punk did the same thing in WWE, walking out after the 2014 Royal Rumble and never returned.

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  1. Scab Rat says:

    That’s rich coming from Phil. I guess he selectively edited out of his memory that many of his co-workers despised him for his own similar walk out, which was for far less relatable reasons.

  2. Steve says:

    I think tbe dude is an arrogant pr*k. I cant wait for his UFC comeback,

  3. Squirt Angle says:

    Standing with them is often ok. But is this standing with them to stand against others? Such as stand against the people Sasha and Naomi did not want to fight? Can’t stand with everyone in such a case, and in these cases, I’d stand against Sasha and Naomi who may next refuse to wrestle others as well.

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