LA Knight debuts new character on Smackdown

May 20, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

The former LA Knight of WWE NXT has officially arrived on WWE SmackDown.

Tonight’s SmackDown on FOX featured a backstage segment where Knight introduced himself to Adam Pearce, as Max Dupri, the CEO of the hottest new male modeling agency – Maximum Male Models. Dupri said he’s ready to get to work on the discovery for a new generation of WWE Superstars who can headline Paris Fashion Week, while also headlining WrestleMania.

The storyline behind Dupri coming to SmackDown is that he was hired by Sonya Deville. Pearce told Dupri how Deville was relieved of her management duties a few weeks back, so this new arrangement with Dupri and his modeling agency might not work out. Dupri then revealed that he and his agency have a signed contract, and Pearce said he will have to check with his own legal department.

Dupri then corrected Pearce on the pronunciation of his last name, telling him it’s “Du-pri” instead of “Dupri,” and that was the end of the segment.

As we’ve noted, WWE recently brought Dupri to SmackDown for pre-show dark segments as a tryout process. He’s managed MACE to a dark match win over Erik, and also had Mansoor in his stable during the dark segments. The name of the stable during those dark segments was Knight Model Management, and MACE’s name was MACE The Face. There’s no word yet on if MACE and Mansoor will return to TV with Dupri soon, but we will keep you updated. It’s believed that Dupri will only manage and not wrestle.

Stay tuned for more on Dupri and the Maximum Male Models agency on SmackDown. Below are a few shots from tonight’s segment on SmackDown, along with a tweet from Pearce:

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