AEW Rampage 05/20/2022 Recap

May 20, 2022 - by Chris Smith

The show opened with the competitors for the first match in the ring and ready to go. Evil Uno and Brody King started for their teams.


“House of Black” Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews vs. Fuego Del Sol, Evil Uno, and 10.

The match was very well paced. House of Black has the upper hand for most of the match as you would expect. Brody King gets the win. After the match Death Triangle comes out to confront the House of Black. Very great opening match for TV


Backstage promo with FTR.

Dax mentions that he’s not going to tolerate disrespecting professional wrestling.


Shawn Spears vs. Big Damo

Big Damo making his AEW debut and he looks great. Early back and forth and Damo is showing his strength early on. Shawn Spears gets the upper hand and hits Damo with the C4 and gets the  win. He yells Wardlow’s name before hitting it and afterwards cuts a post match promo about facing Wardlow.


Backstage promo with The Undisputed Elite.

Young Bucks call out The Hardys. This match is going to be great and if its anything like their Indy and ROH work together it should be a Match Of The Year candidate.


Red Velvet vs. Kris Statlander.

The match is pretty solid for what you would expect it to be. Both ladies take turns trading control of the match before it moves to the outside. The show goes to commercial and it continues in picture to picture.

Back from break and Statlander hits roll up suplex into a German suplex pin for a near fall. Red Velvet hits ” The Final Slice” but Statlander kicks out. Velvet gets a near fall and is upset and is throwing a fir that she didn’t get the pin.

Both women try to get the roll up pin before Statlander gets the roll and up the win.

After the match Velvet attacks Statlander which leads to the Baddies coming into the ring as well as Jade Cargill.

Its Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho next week.


Promo for Hook and Danhausen.


Segment with Men Of The Year and Sammy Guevara

Men Of The Year are in the ring and are talking about how they want the TNT Championship from Sammy Guevara.

Sammy is out in the parking lot with the TNT Championship and says if he doesn’t get his match he will destroy the title. Dan Lambert refuses and Sammy destroys the TNT Championship with a sledgehammer with the help of Frankie Kazarian. He says the match is happening one way or another,

Commercial Break


Back from break and Matt Sydal and Dante Martin are talking about their upcoming match with Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson . they say peace, love and pro wrestling and The Blackpool Combat Club say that they love it too but their methods of violence are clearly working as Wheeler Yuta is now the ROH Pure Champion.

Excaliber with a rundown of Double Or Nothing.


Backstage segment with Jade Cargill.

She tells Tony to leave and she says that Anna Jay can come get it at Double Or Nothing.

Main Event is up next.

Blackpool Combat Club ( Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson) vs. Matt Sydal and Dante Martin.

Jericho and Regal on commentary are already arguing and going at it with each other on commentary and are talking about the Anarchy in the Arena match. Dante Martin is in first but tags out to Matt Sydal after a brief exchange with Jon Moxley. Sydal with a few quick kicks and Moxley tags in Danielson which leads to Danielson throwing Sydal to the outside and he goes for a dive as we head to commercial break.

Commercial Break


Back from break

Dante Martin with a dive to the outside and goes up top to dive onto Danielson. Moxley is trying to put Sydal to sleep on the outside. Danielson with a leg sweep on Martin. Danielson with a Labell Lock. Regal gives Jericho credit for a good call telling Dante Martin to tap out and Jericho says that sometimes he forgets how good he is and Regal reminds him that no he doesn’t and he knows.  Kick by Sydal after Danielson and Moxley go for a tag move. Near fall by Moxley.  Regal says very intelligent wrestling here by Martin. Martin kicks out and Jericho mentions that he might be a good candidate for the JAS. Paradigm Shift by Jon Moxley for the win. regal says goodnight. Excaliber runs down Dynamite for next week.

Santana and Ortiz come out to fight JAS as we close the show. There’s a brawl going on as the show goes off the air.

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