JBL responds to claim he tried to end Buff Bagwell’s career

May 18, 2022 - by James Walsh

JBL has debunked Buff Bagwell’s claim that he tried to end his career during a dark match on SmackDown when the former WCW star joined WWE. Bagwell made the claim while reacting to an excerpt from Hardcore Holly’s autobiography, which tells the story of JBL attempting to bully Steve Blackman at an airport. In response, Bagwell wrote: “Bradshaw attempted to end my career in a dark segment on Smackdown, I’m glad he’s grown up from those days”.

JBL followed up on that claim and said he had, “zero intent to injure” Bagwell and that the powerbomb was all planned, “Buff-this is simply not true. It was a powerbomb, a called spot-and I landed you flat, which is safe. No different from anyone else I powerbombed back in the day-stiff, yes, dangerous—no. This is first I’ve heard of this. Not doubting what you thought-but zero intent to injure.”

Bagwell then responded to JBL’s clarification, admitting that he was “dumb enough to listen” to other people. The two ended the conversation on good terms.

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