Video: Joe Black gets in altercation with fan at IWE Pro Show

May 15, 2022 - by James Walsh

Independent star Joe Black got in an altercation with a fan at last night’s IWE Pro show in August, Georgia. As noted by’s Cassidy Haynes, a fan stood up and headbutted Black after the heel, playing up his character during his entrance, smacked the fan’s hat off of his head. That led to a brawl breaking out as you can see via some clips.

Wrestling Inc. reports that some of the other audience members were “shaken up” by the incident and it was noted by someone in attendance that the man was not a plant, and the whole thing was not a work.

IWE Pro posted a statement on the incident, writing:

“An unfortunate event happened at the show tonight which will be addressed by IWE personnel. We want to thank everyone for coming out tonight and apologize for any inconveniences that may have occurred.”

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