Purrazzo on headlining Dynamite: “It’s just a really exciting time right now”

May 11, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Deonna Purrazzo talks about main eventing AEW Dynamite with Mercedes Martinez:

“Yeah, it was like the lead up to it all day. We didn’t know what the card looked like or where we were gonna be. It’s funny because Mercedes and I were like ‘We might be the main event, we’re the biggest thing on the advertisement’. But gosh, I don’t wanna be in that spot, that’s a lot of pressure. Then, at like 5 O’Clock they’re like ‘You guys are the main event’. A lot of pressure. IMPACT does our live pay-per-views, there’s like four every year. Then we do these app specials that are live, but I don’t necessarily do live TV every week like people on AEW are. It was even more pressure for me to be like ‘Can I still do this?’, I hadn’t done live TV since NXT, so that’s two years. I was like ‘Oh gosh, we have a commercial break and we have a Picture in Picture’. There’s so many faucets to this that we have to get right because we’re the main event, but I think it turned out really really great. I think that I got to put my best foot forward and IMPACT’s best foot forward. It’s just a really exciting time right now.”

source: The Universal Wrestling Podcast via Fightful

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