Great Khali says Undertaker inspired him to become a wrestler

May 8, 2022 - by James Walsh

WWE Now India recently spoke with Hall of Famer the Great Khali about a wide range of topics, which included why the former world champion created the CWE Academy in India, and how the legendary Undertaker was his inspiration to get into the wrestling business. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says the Undertaker was the reason he got into the wrestling business:

I started wrestling after watching The Undertaker. He was my inspiration to get into the business. It was such a memorable moment for me[win over Undertaker]. It was challenging match for me but it was equally momentous.. very close to my heart.

Talks creating the CWE academy in India:

It was my dream[to start an academy in India]. Since I was a wrestler myself, I did not want to be the last wrestler from India[to join WWE]. I wanted more young wrestlers from India to go to WWE to make India proud. I had a very hard time when I started my journey. Going from India, getting a visa in US, finding a good academy to get trained. It was tough path for me. I also did not have much money. So, it was my dream from that time. I went to US in 2000. My dream was to remove all these barriers and perils for the next generation. So, I always had in mind that if I could become something credible, I will create a wrestling academy in India to give youngster a platform to achieve their dreams.

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