Under Siege

May 7, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rehwoldt are on the call.  The show emanates from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Pre Show

Raj  and Shera VS Heath and Rhino

Rhino and Singe start off.  Rhino overpowers Raj and works him over in the corner.  ECW chants start up from the crowd.  Heath tags in they double team Raj off the ropes.  Heath hits a flying forearm.  Heath kicks Raj, but Shera interferes on the outside, decking Heath.  Raj and Heath spill to the outside and Heath is tossed into the apron hard.  Back in the ring, Shera tags in and slams Heath into the corner.  Raj tags back in and connects with a flatliner.  Raj keeps Heath in his corner and he and Shera make several tags working him over.  Heath ducks a clothesline and makes the tag.  Rhino clotheslines and spears Raj into the corner.  Shera makes the save.  Heath enters and kicks Shera in the head.  Rhino Gores Raj and it is over.

Winners by pin fall.  Heath and Rhino

Laredo Kid VS Rich Swann VS Mike Bailey

This will be a very fast paced match.  Bailey has been added to the match to make it a 3 way.  Kid starts off quick.  He clears Bailey and backbreakers Swann.  Bailey re-enters and machine kicks Kid to the floor.  Swann then dropkicks Bailey off a the ropes.  Swann then summersaults on both foes to the floor.  Back in the ring, Swann gets a pin attempt off a wheel barrel.  Kid takes a swinging neck breaker from Swann and kicks out a two.  Bailey gets thrown off the top rope and Kid slams Swann on him from the top rope.  Bailey kicks out at two.  Bailey and Kid trade kicks.  Swann then superkicks them both.  He hits a cutter on Kid.  Bailey hits a pair of lights out kicks.  Swann kicks out at two.  This is awesome chants are loud now.  Bailey goes to the top, but Swann kicks him and flips him off.  Kid kicks Swann to get a pin attempt.  They all recover.  Bailey goes to the top and Kid meets him for a Spanish Fly.  Swann goes to the top and hits a Phoenix Splash on Kid for the win.

Winner by pin fall, Rich Swann

Main Card

Madison Rayne (with Tenille Dashwood) VS Gisele Shaw (with Alisha Edwards)

One half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Madison Rayne will take on Shaw in the opener.  Shaw is technically sound and works the arm to start the match.  She then arm drags Rayne a few times.  The arm drags have a lucha libre style to them.  After a slingshot moonsault, Shaw gets a two count.  Dashwood interferes from the outside.  Madison locks on a rear chin lock and a running neck breaker.  Rayne then suplexes Shaw and gets a two count.  Rayne goes to the top, but is kicked in the head.  Shaw then hits a superplex.  The two get to their feet and trade blows.  Shaw is winning the fight.  She then hits the Randy Orton, DDT off the ropes.  Rayne recovers and back elbows Shaw.  Rayne gets a two count off a Destroyer.  Dashwood fails to interfere on the outside with the help of Alisha.  After a high knee, Shaw gets the pin.

Winner by pin fall,  Gisele Shaw

The Briscoes cut a promo backstage.  They say the belts are leaving with them.

Steve Maclin VS Chris Sabin

Maclin is said to be feeling disrespected, as he feels he should be challenging for the Impact World Championship.  He shoulders Sabin to the mat to start the match.  Sabin hits one of his own, but Maclin wins the third bounce off the ropes with another shoulder block.  Sabin challenges him to a test of strength.  Sabin wins this and hip tosses Maclin twice and then throws him to the floor.  Back in the ring, Sabin locks on an armbar after another drag to the mat.  Maclin lifts his way out of the hold, and powerslams Sabin into the apron after the action spills to the floor.  Back to the mat, Maclin slows down the match, working on the back with forearm chiver.  After a double under-hook, Sabin’s back is now the target.  Maclin wants to neutralize the cradle shock.  Sabin fights back with chops and several forearms.  Maclin hits a knee and clothesline in retaliation.  They end up on the ramp.  They jockey for position.  Maclin hurls Sabin to the corner-post from the ramp.  Now on the floor, Maclin is in control.  He tosses Sabin back in the ring.  Maclin ties Sabin up in the tree of woe and spears him.  Sabin hits a tornado DDT.  Sabin hits a twisting neck breaker and another DDT.  Maclin escapes to the floor.  Sabin throws him back in and hits a missile dropkick from the top for a two count.  Sabin hits a crossbody, but Maclin roles threw it and suplexes Sabin and then follows it up with a basement lariat for a two count.  Sabin counter Mayhem for all, Sabin rolls him up.  Maclin kicks out and nails a knee strike.  The two stand and start trading blows in the center of the ring.  Sabin starts driving knee strikes.  Maclin then takes kick to the face.  Maclin then hits a German.  Sabin stands out with a clothesline.  He then hits a DDT off the top.  Sabin then hits a Cradle Shock for the win.

Winner by pinfall, Chris Sabin

Deonna Purrazzo is questioned about recently losing both the ROH and AAA Women’s World Championships.  She loses and says she can get the job done and will.

Taya Valkyrie, The AAA Women’s World Champion VS Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna is the aggressor right from the start.  Tom mentions she may get DQ’d.  Taya recovers, and hits a low kick.  Purrazzo kicks Taya as she back handsprings off the ropes.  Purrazzo starts working over the arm of Taya.  She twist, hyper extends and stomps it.  Valkyrie clotheslines Deonna with the other arm, but Purrazzo takes the champ back off her feet swinging her head to the mat and double stomping her face.  Valkyrie hits a back elbow and a few chops.  She then hits a blue thunder bomb off the ropes.  Purrazzo kicks out quickly.  Taya then kicks her in the head and hits a modified powerbomb with a rope assist.  After a double stomp, Taya gets a two count.  Deonna reverses a powerbomb and locks on a surf board.  She stomps Taya’s face to the mat in the process.  Deonna hits the Queens Gambit.  Taya kicks out.  Deonna locks on an armbar.  She locks on the Venus De Milo.  Valkyrie gets her feet to the ropes to break the hold.  Taya roles up Deonna who was arguing with the ref for the win.

Winner.  Taya Valkyrie is still champ.

Deonna loses it and locks on the Venus De Milo.  The lights go out and Mia Yim enters the arena.  She confronts Deonna and Purrazzo exits.  Purrazzo then sneaks behind Yim to no avail.  Yim beats Purrazzo from the ring.  Yim and Taya celebrate in the ring.

Trey Miguel is interfered backstage by Gia.  Trey says this is the belt he dreamed about his whole life.  He wants to regain his championship.

Trey Miguel VS X Division Champion, Ace Austin

Ace is beginning his 3rd run as champion of the X Division.  Next week he will enter the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Tournament. 

These two have been rivals for 2 years.  This is a great story between the two.  They start the match working each other over the mat.  Neither can gain an advantage, but the work is appreciated by the crowd.  They take a brief break and then resume with a test of strength.  Trey wins and climbs the ropes, but Ace hurls him to the mat hard.  Ace then starts to boot Trey in the corner.  Ace then crossbodies Trey to the floor.  Trey recovers and the two perform an amazing series of moves on the apron, culminating with a vicious knee to the head of Trey.  Back in the ring, Ace hits a back suplex.  Ace then rakes the eyes and hits a neck breaker.  Trey begins to mount a comeback with a punch and back kick, but Ace catches both hands of Trey and floors them to the mat and double stomps them.  Incredible move.  Ace then goes for a crab, but Trey blocks it.  Trey kicks Austin on the top of head giving him time to recover.  Trey hits a bunch of elbows and speed kicks.  He then hits reverse suplex, float over to a sleeper.  Ace counters and both are down.  Trey gets up first, but Ace slaps him first.  They start going at it with strong style slaps and chops.  Great exchange here.  Trey hits a superkick as Ace spring boards off the ropes.  Trey hits a split legged moonsault for a two count.  The two then trade some roll ups.  Neither get a three.  Trey double stomps Ace and goes to the top.  Ace bails.  They meet on the apron and Trey hits a neck breaker.  Trey took a bad fall giving the hold.  Both roll back in the ring.  Ace hits the fold after dodging Trey’s top rope dive and gets the win.

Winner and still X Division Champion, Ace Austin

Bullet Club:  Jay White, Chris Bey, El Phantasmo, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows VS Honor No More: Vincent, Eddie Edwards, Kenny King, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven (with Maria Kanellis)

The match starts with all 10 men in the ring.  Then it spills to the floor in an all out brawl.  Anderson and Edwards end up in the ring, finally as the match finally settles down.   Anderson is in his hometown and the Bullet Club is enjoying the fans appreciation.   He works over Eddie and pulls him to the corner and Doc tags in.   Eddie thumbs Doc and runs to tag Kenny in.  Doc punches Kenny repeatedly and tags EP.  EP and King trade some roll ups and King sidewalk slams him.  Vincent tags in and Phantasmo is still taking punishment.  He finally hits a tilting powerbomb and tags in Chris Bey.  Bey is the ultimate finesser.  He hits a dropkick-sault on Vincent.  Vincent tags in Bennett who gains control with a brain buster.  Bey kicks out quickly.  Taven tags in and so does Jay White.  The crowd loves this as two former World Champions square off.  The two trade kicks and punches in rapid fashion.  Taven downs Jay with a dropkick.  After gloating, Taven gets kicked to the mat by Jay.  Jay lays up the two sweet in celebration.  EP does the most creative back rake ever.  Bey then rakes his back again with a lot of style.  You have to see this.  Jay goes to the top.. crawls from the top, then rakes the back of Taven too.  Gallows tags in and does more raking.  Anderson then rakes the back, but Bennet chop blocks him to make the save.  All of the BC get knocked to the floor except Karl and he takes a beating from HNM.  Eddie hits a back elbow off the ropes.  Taven tags back in and locks in a rear chin lock.  Anderson fights to his feet and hits a spine buster.  Gallows tags in and he clears everyone from HNM from the ring except Bennett who gets shoulder blocked.  King interferes and Bennett recovers.  He hits a punch to the back,  and tags Kenny in.  Eddie and King then take a clothesline from Doc.  EP tags in and goes to the air several times.  Vincent tags in and suplexes EP and then gets a two count off a flatliner.  Bey tags in and he and EP double team Vincent.  Bey and Vincent then both collide with cross bodies.  Taven and White both tag in.  Taven wins that exchange.  He DDT’s Jay and leg lariats him after kicking the rest of the BC to the floor.  Jay hits a half and half.  Vincent makes the save and everyone hits the ring.  The match now features a series of dives to the floor by both sides.  Vincent eventually dives on everyone.  Anderson then goes to the top, but Maria stops him.  Bennett and Taven hit a proton pack on Anderson and they get the pin. Mike Bennett gets the pin.

Winners.  Honor No More

Knockouts World Champion, Tasha Steelz VS Havok (representing Decay)

Rosemary has apparently abducted Savanah Evans, so neither will accompany their friend.  Havok towers over Steelz in this encounter.  She crushes Steelz with a splash in the corner and a two armed choke slam to start the match.  Steelz bails, but Havok catches her and backs her into the ramp edge.  Back in the ring, Havok misses a leg drop.  Steelz quickly gets to her feet and lays in some kicks.  After chopping Havok in the corner, Steelz bites Havok’s face and then a back cracker.  Steelz then gloats in front of Havok and that backfires.  Havok misses a stomp.  Havok then faceplants Steelz from her shoulders to the apron.  Havok tries for a knee to the head on the floor, but misses and she hits the metal stairs.  Havok barely beats the count back in the ring.  Steelz goes right on the offensive and lays in several kicks.  She then superkicks Havok.  After a Tornado DDT, Steelz gets a two count.  Tasha locks on a double arm bar.  Havok breaks free by biting Tasha.  Tasha and Havok trade slaps. Havok hits a back breaker and clothesline.  After a death valley driver, Steelz kicks out at a count of two.  Steelz locks on a sleeper.  Havok mares free, Steelz hits spring board bulldog for a two count.  Steelz then hits a cutter for another two count.  Havok and Steelz find their way to the top rope.  Steelz escapes and hits a Black Out for the win.

Winner and still Knockouts Women’s World Champion, Tasha Steelz

Impact World Tag Team Champions, Violent By Design: Deaner and Eric Young (with Joe Doering) VS Mark and Jay Briscoe

Why Doering is not competing is crazy.  He helps his partners gain a pre match advantage with an attack.  Once the bell rings, Dem Boys take over and Jay works Deaner over in the corner.  Mark tags in and lays in some wicked chops.  Mark hurls himself to the floor on EY.  Jay does the same to Deaner on the floor.  The crowd is loving this.  Doering throws Jay off the top rope.  Deaner starts raking the face of Jay.  EY tags in and they double kick Jay in the head.   EY and Deaner make a few more quick tags, keeping Jay in their corner.  Deaner throws Jay to the floor and Doering slams in on the apron.  The ref is clueless to this a Deaner distracts him.  Back in the ring, Deaner and Jay start going at it.  Mark gets tagged in after Jay outpunches Deaner.  Mark clears house and puts Deaner on the top rope.  He hurls him to the mat.  Mark and Jay then double team and hit a tandem cutter, much like a 3D for a two count.  EY interferes.  Deaner gets a two count.  He is furious Mark kicked out.  The two work over Mark.  Jay is hurt on the outside.  EY hits a Death Valley Driver for a long two count.  Mark and EY start trading blows.  Out of nowhere Jay runs in for a ranna.  He then tags himself in.  Hits a neck breaker.  Mark hits a elbow off the top and Deaner makes the save at the count of two.  This match is great.  Deaner levels Mark.  Jay levels Deaner.  EY spikes Mark and everyone is down.  This is awesome is being chanted by the crowd.  Jay ends up with EY on the top.  EY bites him and drops an elbow for a two count.  Deaner tags in, EY goes to the top.  Mark crotches him and the Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device and get the win.


The crowd loves this and a Dem Boys chant rings loudly.  Great match.  Doering looks on in disgust.

Moose’s music hits and he enters the arena in street clothes.  He is given a microphone.  He starts saying he has done a lot of terrible things, but he has no remorse.  He was the greatest champion in Impact history and the greatest World Champion in all of wrestling.  He starts complaining about only giving him 5 days to get ready for his rematch, after giving Josh Alexander 5 and a 1/2 months to get ready for his rematch.  He calls Josh a paper champion.  He then says he is hijacking the show.  He says there will be no title match.  He then threatens Scott D’Amore that he will beat up the crowd if he doesn’t enter.  Just then Sami Callihan enters after the lights go out.  He has a bat and uses it on Moose.  He then hits a piledriver.  He grabs the mic and says the Death Machine is back.

Main Event.  Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander VS Tomohiro Ishii

The two tie up to start the match.  They trade arm locks and reversals.  After a headlock takedown by Josh, Ishii shoulders Josh after whipping him off the ropes.  Ishii drops Josh several times, as the champion was frustrated he couldn’t take him down.  Josh finally hits a back elbow and a shoulder tackle of his own.  Josh starts chopping Ishii in the corner.  Ishii drops after several chops to the chest.  Ishii gets to his feet and hits a brain buster.  Tomohiro and Josh trade more chops in the corner.  Ishii then goes to punching, elbowing and headbutting the champion to finally win that exchange.  They separate and Ishii invites Josh to fight back.  Josh tries and Ishii just shrugs off the chops and beats Josh in the corner more.  Josh crumbles to the floor and Ishii follows him and the champ back in the ring.  Josh kicks Ishii in the face and Tomohiro no sells it.  Ishii and Josh trade blows again until Josh pump kicks the challenger to the mat.  Josh crossbodies Ishii to the floor.  Alexander tosses him back in the ring.  Alexander hits 3 Germans and gets a two count.  The fans are split.  Josh hits a rolling senton and knee to the back of the neck from the top rope for a two count.  Ishii blocks a C4.  Ishii then powerslams the champion.  The two get to their feet and trade blows.  The fans seem to be starting to favor the challenger.  Ishii hits a belly to back suplex.  They end up trading blows again and Ishii goes for a kick.  Josh locks on a ankle lock, Ishii reverses it and then transitions into a kneebar.  Josh reverses it into a ankle lock.  Josh has it in deep now in the center of the ring.  Somehow, much to the delight of the crowd, the challenger gets to the ropes.  A fight forever chant starts.  Ishii can barely stand.  Josh sets up the C4, but Ishii punches free.  Josh then coldcocks him.  Josh gets a long two count off a clothesline.  Josh then hits a spinning powerbomb off a torture rack for a two count.  Great move.  Josh stands over Ishii and tries for another C4.  Ishii blocks it and hits a German.  Josh then hits a German.  The two trade clotheslines twice.  Both go down, but Ishii seems to have got the better of the champion.  Ishii charges Josh with a spear, but misses and hits the corner.  Josh picks him up and puts him on the top rope.  Ishii gets free and head buts him.  Josh is now on the top rope.  Ishii hits a superplex for a long two count.  The crowd loves this match.  Two count for Ishii after a clothesline.  Ishii tries for a brain buster.  Josh rolls threw it for a two count.  Josh hits a powerbomb to his knee.  That looked brutal.  Josh goes to the air, but misses a top rope moonsault.  Ishii hits a head butt then a basement clothesline for a two count.  Ishii gets crotched.  They trade more clotheslines.  Josh hits a clothesline and a C4 and gets the pin.

Winner and still Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander

The show ends with Josh Alexander raising his belt in victory.


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