Former NWA board member reflects on his friendship with Tammy Sytch

May 7, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Howard T. Brody posted the following on Facebook:

If you’re in the wrestling business then I’m sure you’ve already heard that Tammy Sytch (aka Sunny) was arrested and charged in the crash that resulted in the death of a 75-year-old Florida man. I’ve known Tammy since 1994 when I met her and her late husband Chris Candido on the night Chris won the NWA title. Although that first meeting was hardly cordial (she didn’t know who I was nor that I was on the NWA board and treated me like a fan until Jim Cornette smartened her up to which she was promptly apologetic), over time our relationship developed. She had a good heart. In January 2007, about 6 months after Billy Firehawk passed away, Tammy worked a fundraiser for Billy’s family and donated her pay (along with everyone else on the card) to Billy’s daughter. Even though Firehawk and his wife Daisy constantly booked big names, Tammy was the only one who stepped forward. When I moved back to South Florida in 2009 and started promoting meet-and-greets with the Mardi Gras Casino during WWE PPVs, Tammy was one of the first people I brought in. In 2011 when Paul Jones, Larry Brannon and I started running shows in Fort Lauderdale, once again Tammy was one of the first “names” we booked. When she decided to make her first adult video, she contacted me and asked me to visit her in LA just so we could hang out (I was not able to go). Many times throughout the years my friendship with Tammy went beyond wrestling. Back in 2016 or 17 I even tried to play matchmaker between her and a friend of mine (it did not work out). It seemed even during “normal times” there was always some type of drama that followed her, whether it was relationship issues or just the typical wrestling B.S. In recent months I finally unfriended her here on Facebook because I got tired of reading the nonsense she was posting. Then she got arrested AGAIN in New Jersey for DUI, etc. Her what 5th or 6th time? Then I heard she was released and within a week or two I heard about the aforementioned accident. It truly bothers me that this person was given so many opportunities to just get clean and straighten out for good, only to keep screwing up time after time. Sadly, she will probably be locked up for good this time to protect both herself and the general public. And as hard as it is for me to say, deservedly so. Unfortunately since the death of Chris, a dark cloud has seemed to hang over Tammy, making her life anything but Sunny.

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  1. Scott Porter says:

    Howard is a good dude and I am sure it pained him to write this. She is just a hopeless cause. She needs to stay in prison, like he wrote. It is the only place those around her are safe. God Bless the family of her accident.

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