Drew McIntyre wasn’t happy with his creative direction in WWE last year

May 7, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“It got to a point where things went off track, in my opinion a little bit. And it was hard to tell, without the live fans there, if it would have been okay. Right about the time where I fought Lashley a couple of times, I was telling these interesting – or, not so interesting – Scottish stories. That period maybe was not one of my favorites. But, hey, send me a challenge and I’m going to try and pull it off. Nonetheless, there was a period where I felt like, ‘This doesn’t feel like it’s quite working right.’ I remember I did an interview at Money in the Bank, the first live show with fans back in attendance. When I first popped up on the screen, I heard the big cheers. But I also heard some boos. And I try to be a self-aware superstar in every way. And I’m a fan, so I feel like I have a good gauge about what’s working and what’s not working. And if someone told me, ‘You’re going to tell this glorious story about the Loch Ness Monster,’ I would have said, ‘No, I’m not.'”

source: newsday.com

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