Nyla Rose invites STARDOM to walk through AEW’s forbidden door

May 5, 2022 - by James Walsh

Nyla Rose recently spoke with Kray Z Comics And Stories about the this summer’s AEW/NJPW “Forbidden Door” pay-per-view, and how the Native Beast hopes that some wrestlers from the all-female promotion STARDOM will also be interested in competing, as NJPW does not have a women’s division of their own. Highlights from the interview are below.

How NJPW does not have their own women’s division:

“Unfortunately, New Japan themselves does not have a women’s division. However, they do work very closely with Stardom. I have not really had the experience or pleasure of working with anyone in Stardom, so for me, that forbidden door is wide open.”

Invites any wrestler from STARDOM to come through the Forbidden Door:

“I would call it the Forbidden Archway. I would welcome anyone to walk through that, just to say that I’ve done that and check that box off.”

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  1. Billy John says:

    What does he care about women’s wrestling, he is not one.
    He just pretends to be one by dressing up like one.

  2. Romanreignshadcancer2getover says:

    Why doesn’t he call out a guy?

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