Matt Hardy: “I think Randy Orton is f–king awesome”

May 3, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“Quote me. I think Randy Orton is f–king awesome. I love Randy’s work. I always enjoyed working with him and I think, as a person, me knowing him for these 20 years – once again, he’s another person I’m so proud of where he is in life with his family and his kids. We have so much in common and in the last couple of years I was there, we became closer than we ever had. Just because we shared those personal family lives together and we were kind of in the same boat. Both of our wives are pretty intense. If you know what I mean. I know you know them both. You’ve dealt with them both. You’ve dealt with Kim, you’ve dealt with Reby. So they’re both pretty intense and they’re good for us because they keep us both in check. So I have nothing but positive things to say about Randy and I love Randy’s storytelling in the ring. I love the way he does his character and Randy was one of my biggest supporters when I left and went to AEW, to do my stuff and get over on my own, being one of the older guys that was never one of Vince’s top guys. Randy was one of my biggest supporters and constantly texted me. We stayed in contact. So yeah, man, I think Randy is awesome. People who think Randy doesn’t do a lot or works a slower, more plodding pace or whatever, I don’t think they get the basic aspects of like traditional pro wrestling. When it comes to traditional pro wrestling and traditional storytelling, there was no one better than Randy.”

source: The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy (via Fightful)

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