The future of Dark Side Of The Ring in doubt

May 1, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Dave Meltzer has cast doubt on whether Dark Side Of The Ring will re-emerge as it has not yet been renewed by Vice:

“I’ve not heard of them doing another season. The ratings were down for this season. But… The idea of not doing a season wouldn’t be over Jim Ross and they will always be able to get guests. There might be some people who will say no. There were people who said no before to them. You don’t get everyone.”

“It’s just a question if they can come up with viable topics, and they’re renewed. It’s still… Even though this prior season was like the big, really successful season, this one… But, you know, you still had some very good episodes in the last season and there’s an endless supply of ideas that you can do. So, it’s just up to Vice essentially greenlighting another season. But, I have not heard anything about another season.”

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