Disco Inferno and Kenny Omega tangle on Twitter

Apr 30, 2022 - by James Walsh

AEW star and former World Champion Kenny Omega responded to a comment on Twitter yesterday by former WCW wrestler Disco Inferno, aka Glenn Gilbertti, responding to a STARDOM match clip. It was AZM and Mei Suruga from Friday’s STARDOM Cinderella 2022 Final event.

Disco Inferno initially tweeted, “Didn’t Dave [Meltzer] say these were the best women’s wrestlers?” This prompted Kenny Omega to respond. He wrote, “It’s pretty sickening that un-athletic enhancement talents of yesteryear are trying to tear down incredibly gifted stars of today. BTW, this clip and both these gals rule.”

After another Twitter user commented on Omega’s friend and manager, Don Callis, appearing as an enhancement talent on WFWA TV, Omega replied, “My uncle didn’t belittle young talent on social media (or otherwise) like a bitch. He did his best to encourage and guide them. Big difference. Nice try.”

Meanwhile, former WWE and WCW Superstar Lance Storm responded to Disco Inferno, “Classic Disco. Pick a clip of a whacky spot many in North America won’t like to be a troll. I’ve watched a lot of Stardom, many there would work circles around you.”

You can view some of those tweets and exchanges below.

7 Responses

  1. John says:

    I agree with Kenny’s perspective on disco.

  2. Jon says:

    Disco is just the avg north American who don’t give 2 craps about Japanese wrestling. Fact is… njpw drew a 0 rating this week. Disco isn’t wrong. Kenny is easily offended. I’m from Winnipeg and Tyson and Don’s relationship ain’t normal for the record.

  3. Joseph says:

    In my opinion they’re both right. Omega is right about what he said about Disco and Disco is right about what he said about that video clip.

  4. Mudshow Mark says:

    Kenny comes off like a child here because someone bashed what he likes. Plenty of other workers/wrestlers have criticized his friends, coworkers and other goofy spots like this on a daily basis and he doesn’t chime in every single time saying it’s “sickening.”

  5. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    Glenn is trash as a human being. Just remember, he’s the one that was so desperate for podcast clicks, he made up some conspiracy theory surrounding the death on Jonathan Huber (Brodie Lee). he hounded AEW and the Huber family so much that Amanda Huber had to issue a statement while planning her husband’s funeral.

    So f*ck Glenn Gilbertti, and f*ck his opinion on anything.

  6. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    Not a fan of Disco but if Omega is going to defend those two girls playing tag in a wrestling ring, then he loses any credibility he has a professional to me. He had won me over during his AEW title run, despite his history of making a mockery of wrestling on several occasions. What happened to people having pride and taking the business seriously? Yes, the curtain has been pulled and we all know how it works…..but don’t wrestle blow-up dolls, little girls, and play tag in the middle of the ring and try to pass it off as work.

  7. Luke says:

    @Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo!
    And finger in rectum. You can’t forget about finger in rectum. I think Meltzer even gave an Omega finger-in-rectum match six stars or something like that once upon a time.
    Disco vs. Omega is kind of like diarrhea vs constipation. Hard to tell which sucks more.

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