W. Morrissey says he’s doing his best work in Impact

Apr 29, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“Yeah, IMPACT has been great. The crew there has been awesome. The writing team is fucking awesome. I really like it there. Now that I’m sober and have a good head on my shoulders, I feel like I’m doing the best work of my career. I feel like I’m getting better and better each time I’m out there. I feel like I’m reaching for that potential I talked about. I feel myself getting more confident. I feel myself getting better. Even when I watch my stuff back, I am getting better. It’s been a really good experience at IMPACT, it’s really awesome there. Everybody’s cool. I think it was the perfect place to come back. It’s given me an opportunity to grow and pitch ideas for myself and try to work with them.”

The former Big Cass in WWE made joined the Impact roster in April 2021, debuting at the Rebellion PPV.

transcript credit: Fightful

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