Madcap Moss on doing stand up for real: “I have thought about it

Apr 29, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“I have thought about it, but I’ve never really taken steps, serious concrete steps towards it, but it is something I’ve thought I might want to dabble in and try some day because I think there are a lot of similarities between being in a wrestling ring and being on stage doing stand up. It’s something you have to have a plan and be prepared, but you have to go on the fly too, and change and adapt and know the crowd and go where the comedy takes you. it’s something I’ve talked to Dolph Ziggler about because he’s done that and taken that step. it takes a lot of guts. To me, I think it would be very easy to go on stage and completely bomb and have dead silence as you’re trying to tell your jokes.

I like watching Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. They talk about, even the best comedians have nights where they bomb. That’s a tough deal. As a WWE Superstar, I can relate. Not every match is your best match. You have down nights. It’s something that, some day, I may do. It’s something I’ve thought about and have talked to people about. As of now, there are no plans. I’m focused on in-ring, but possibly in the future for sure.”

source: Fightful

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