Impact Wrestling Report 4/28/22

Apr 28, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight at 8pm for the latest from Impact WrestlingMathew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan are on the call.

We get a quick recap from Rebellion to start the show.  Check out our wall to wall coverage in the PPV Results section.

Violent By Design enter the arena to start the show.  Eric Young and Joe Doering successfully defended the Tag Team Championships at Rebellion.  Deaner joins his the team in the ring.  EY grabs the mic and says they defeated 7 of the best tag teams in the world.   He says they will be the champions forever and there is nothing any team in the world can do about it.  Rhino and Heath enter the arena.  The walk in the ring and Rhino grabs the mic.  Rhino calls EY a punk and says we have unfinished business.   Rhino says they want the belts.  Just then, The Briscoes music hits and the place goes nuts.  Dem Boys are in the Impact Zone.  Jay grabs the mic and says they are coming for the titles.  Heath welcomes The Briscoes, but tells them they are in the back of the line.  They are first in line for a shot.  EY says this is a you problem.  He then says you “Boys” figure out who is first in line.  VBD exits.  The Briscoes and Heath and Rhino stare at each other.  Rhino challenges them to a match right now.

Match 1.  The Briscoes VS Heath and Rhino  (winners get a tag title match)

Mark and Jay Briscoe are all over Heath and Rhino to start the match.  The Briscoes dump both Heath and Rhino to the floor.  Mark suicide summersaults from the top rope to the floor on them.  Back in the ring, Jay and Mark make quick tags on Heath.  Mark hits a big vertical suplex for a two count.  Jay tags back in and lays in a few upper cuts.  He crosses the ropes and Rhino trips him.  Rhino then pulls Jay to the floor and pummels him until we go to break.

Heath is stomping Jay as we return.  Rhino tags in and they double team him with knees off the ropes.  Rhino locks on a chin lock.  He then slams Jay.  Heath pulls Jay to the floor and lays in some stiff chops.  Jay connects with a few forearms and dives back in the ring to make the tag.  Heath blocks this and pulls his hair in the process.  Jay escapes and both make the tag.  Mark comes in and takes on both Heath and Rhino and gets the best of them.  Jay re-enters and they hit a double shoulder block on Rhino.  Heath breaks up the pin.   Rhino is left in the ring after Heath gets tossed.  Jay hits a neck breaker and Mark lands a froggy bow and it is over.

Winners.  The Briscoe Brothers 

Scott D’Amore is shown backstage.  Moose enters.  He complains about only having 5 days to get ready to get his rematch, which is tonight against new World  Champion, Josh Alexander.  Scott explains if your the best, go do it and defend the title at Under Siege.

EGV has some kind of introduction vignette.  It really has no indication whom this is.

Match 2.  Bhupinder Gujjar VS VSK

VSK jumps BG to start the match.  BG doesn’t let this last long and stops VSK just after a few blows.  VSK exits the ring and BG planchas on him.  VSK uses the ref to gain an advantage back in the ring.  He lays in several blows to the back of the head, taking BG down.  He then knees BG in the head.  He then lands a reverse head thrust to the mat.  VSK then connects with a suplex for a two count.  He then locks on a rear chin lock.  BG hits a clothesline after reversing a whip.  He follows it up with a slingblade and ripcord knee.  After a Samoan Drop, BG goes for a slam, but gets his eyes raked.  BG recovers and hits a powerslam.  BG heads to the second rope and hits a spear for the win.

Winner.. Bhupinder Gujjar

Raj Singh and Sherra enter.  Sherra threatens BG that he needs to join their group.  Raj pretends to protect BG from Singh.  Singh lays out VSK and the segment ends.

New X Division Champion, Ace Austin is interviewed by Gia Miller backstage.  He gloats saying he is Trey Miguel’s  biggest weakness.  Rocky Romero enters and challenges Ace to a match next week.  Ace is annoyed.  Rocky mentions he could get Ace a opportunity at NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors Tournament.  Ace wants that opportunity, but tells Ace to leave his interview.  Speed Ball, Mike Bailey stops in to say hello to Ace, who wants nothing to do with him.

Steve Maclin has a vignette.  He wants the X-Division Championship.

Match 3.  Honor No More, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett and Eddie Edwards (with Maria Kannellis and Kenny King) VS Speedball Mike Bailey, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, The Motor City Machine Guns

Bailey and Taven start the match, but everyone just jumps and the match breaks down right away.  HNM has the early advantage and they clear the ring.  Bailey gets tossed back in and he fights off Bennett from the ring.  He then kicks Eddie from the ring.  King interferes on the outside and Bennett yanks Bailey to the floor.  Sabin makes the save momentarily, but Taven takes out the Motor City Machine Guns launching himself to the floor from the ring.  We go to break.

Taven and Bailey are in the ring as we return.  Bailey can’t make a tag, but Taven does and Eddie is in.  He hits a Tiger Driver, but Bailey kicks him after kicking out of a pin.  Sabin tags in and boots Eddie in the midsection and then a forearm.  Taven hits a savate kick.  Shelley enters and we get a classic tandem move set from the Guns.  Eddie enters and hits the Boston Knee Party.  Mike Bennett and Mike Bailey enter and trade chops for about a minute.  Bailey uses his educated feet to take Bennett down.  The Guns re-enter and do more tandem offense on Taven and Eddie.  This match is so fast.  Everyone is jumping off the top rope on each other.  The fans are chanting Speed Ball, after his series of moves.  Eddie connects with a Die Hard Driver with an assist and he pins Mike Bailey.

Winners.. Honor No More.

Post Match the Bullet Club attack HNM.  The two teams brawl all over the arena.  The Good Brothers hit a Magic Killer on Kenny King.  Chris Bey and Jay White take care of the rest and clear the ring.

Josh Alexander is interviewed by Gia backstage.  Josh says he is still on cloud nine, but he is ready for Moose and wants to shut him up for good.

Taya Valkyrie enters the arena as the New AAA Women’s World Champion.  She thanks the crowd for rooting for her and welcoming her back.  She says the last year dealing with a lack of friends and platform for her creativity have been tough.  She says she hit rock bottom, but is now back on the top of the world.  Deonna Purrazzo sneaks behind her and takes her down with an armbar.  Valkyrie screams.  Rosemary and Havok enter the arena.  Purrazzo lets go of the hold.  The ROH World Women’s Champion, Purrazzo slithers away.  Rosemary is left staring at Taya.  Just then Knockouts World Champion, Tasha Steelz and Savanah Evans enter the arena to set up a match.  We go to break.

Match 4.  Decay (Havok and Rosemary) VS Tasha Steelz (Knockouts World Champion) and Savanah Evans

The four women fight all over the floor for several minutes before the match officially begins.  Once we start, Havok hair tosses Steelz across the ring.  Havok tags in and they work over Tasha in their corner.  Rosemary splashes her.  She gets a two count.  Evans tags in and Rosemary eats an elbow.  Evans blocks the upside down and powerslams her.  Steelz tags back in and Tasha works Rosemary over with back elbows, kicks and a running clothesline.  Evans re-enters and slams Rosemary’s head to the buckle.  Havok tags in and she lays in some kicks.  She lands a Death Valley Driver on Evans for a two count.  Rosemary and Steelz are brawling on the floor.  Rosemary takes her out and then spears Evans, who was tied up by Havok.  Havok pins Evans for the win.

Winners.  Decay

Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood are on the set of It is all about me.  The lights go out on the show.  Gisele Shaw is there when the lights go back on.  She talks down the Women’s Tag Team Champions.   This sets up a match next week with Dashwood.

Vincent cuts a promo backstage on Jonah.  He says he and Jonah are human, but PCO is no longer human.  PCO, looking more like Frankenstein’s Monster than ever is then shown, screaming Jonah by name.

MAIN EVENT      Match 5.  Impact World Title Match.  Josh Alexander (Champion) VS Moose

Moose takes and early advantage with some stiff chops in the corner.  Josh reverses it and lays some in of his own.  Moose then flips Josh back and drops an elbow.  This goes back and forth a few times.  The match spills to the floor and we go to break.

Moose is stomping Josh as we return.  Moose rams Josh into the apron, but Josh chops Moose, only to get power bombed on the apron.  Josh is in bad shape.  Moose rolls him back in the ring.  Moose slows the match down, stomping Josh on the mat.  Josh gets to his knees and throws a few punches in defense.  Moose locks on a rear chin lock.  He then drives his knee to the back.

Moose continues on the offensive, kicking Josh in the face, but Josh keeps getting to his knees and eventually gets to his feet and they trade blows.  Josh then hits a series of German suplexes.  Josh then locks on the sharp shooter after a failed C4 and Ankle lock.  Moose eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold.   Moose muscles his way out of another C4 attempt.  The two trade strong style blows in the center of the ring.  They are hitting each other silly, but they keep going at it.  Moose hits a head but and then hits a sidewalk slam on Josh.  Moose gathers himself and readies Josh for a buckle bomb.  He levels Josh with that move.  Moose goes for another powerbomb, but Alexander reverses it into a C4 and gets the pin.

Winner and still Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander.

The Stone Pitbull Tomohiro Ishii enters and this sets up the Main Event for the May 7th PPV, Under Seige.


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