Jimmy Uso DUI Arrest Video Shows WWE Star Called Cop ‘An A**hole’ During Stop

Apr 27, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Source: TMZ

WWE star Jimmy Uso got so upset with the officer who arrested him for DUI back in July, he straight-up called the guy “an a**hole” during the stop … new police video shows.

In the footage, you can see Uso — real name Jonathan Fatu — seemed to be triggered by a comment a Pensacola Police Dept. officer said to him shortly after the cop pulled him over for allegedly speeding and running a red light.

After the cop asked Uso to get out of his Dodge Charger after claiming he smelled an odor of booze coming from the wrestler’s ride … he appeared to sincerely wish Uso good luck in passing field sobriety tests.

“I’m hoping you beat it this time, too,” the officer said.

For some reason, that remark seemed to set Uso off.

“Are you serious?!” Uso asked the cop. “Are you serious?! Why would you say that? I just — it’s all good.”

A short time later, after the 36-year-old was taken to a nearby parking lot to attempt to prove his sobriety, Uso confronted the cop further about the comment.

“That’s crazy, right?” Uso said. “He didn’t have to say that s***.”

“The nice thing?” the cop replied.

“The nice thing?!” Uso fired back, before adding, “Bro, you don’t need to say the s*** you’re saying. I get it. I’ve been here. Let’s do it.”

The cop then tried to conduct a field sobriety test … putting a pen in front of Uso’s eyes — but the wrestler clearly wasn’t over the cop’s comment.

“You’re an a***hole,” Uso said. “You’re the one that’s worse. You had a remark — you made a remark you shouldn’t have did.”

The cop seemed to try to apologize, saying, “I think you misunderstood. So, I’m sorry. I was actually being nice. But, I’m sorry.”

Uso eventually dropped the beef — but cops claim he failed field sobriety tests nonetheless … and arrested him for DUI.

Uso, who cops say ultimately blew a .202 and .205 during the arrest, was eventually charged with misdemeanor DUI over the incident — and court records show he cut a deal with prosecutors earlier this month to close out the case.

According to court docs, Uso agreed to plead no contest to the charge.

As part of the agreement, we’re told Jimmy was required to complete several courses related to the incident. A source close to Uso tells us those classes were completed earlier this month.

It’s not Uso’s first DUI. The WWE Superstar — son of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi — was also arrested for allegedly driving drunk in July 2019.

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  1. Branden Foti via Linkedln:

    “and he was rewarded with a main event angle and tag title run. Sounds about right.”

  2. Mudshow Mark says:

    Ugh. I like The Bloodline storyline and all but I get tired of WWE management’s selective discipline.

    Fire one person instantly based on accusations while another (Riddle) continues on with their push to see how things play out first.

    Try to force rehab on Jeff Hardy but this guy gets the biggest push of his career.

    Now we don’t have all the facts for every case but there’s enough here to point towards inconsistency and selective punishment.

  3. art123guy says:

    If he gets into any more trouble, WWE could just have Solo Sikoa take his place. AFTER Solo gets a name change of course.

  4. Mackdeezy says:

    Not that i condone this behavior, but it is clear that this is regarding the LAST arrest, right?

  5. Pisto75666 says:


    It does pretty clearly say “back in July”

  6. James from the Sewer says:

    Who cares?

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