ODB: “Take the risk or lose the change”

Apr 25, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Former Knockout ODB posted the following on Facebook:

Takin Risks and not Lookin back.

In 2014 my last professional wrestling contract was up. Yes I was offered another one for more years. I had it already set that I wasn’t resigning. I wasn’t happy, I was frustrated, I was sick of the people in charge. I wasn’t having fun anymore.

I always told myself when I’m not happy in my situation it’s time to go… And I have always stayed true to myself on that. I didn’t resign and that was my last wrestling contract. I had no fn back up plan.

All I knew is I was goin to be happy. I remember hangin up that phone from Vince Russo and I was like damn I’m done wrestling holy shit. I felt relieved.

14yrs of my life just came to an end so I thought. It was just the beginning. This was a start of a new journey. I hit the road with my airstream all by myself and never looked back.

I had no destination just me and my airstream. I got fn uncomfortable and did my thing. It was the best damn decision I fn made. It started my bbq journey which lead to ODB’S Meat & Greet Foodtruck which lead to finding the love of my life…..

Take the risk or lose the change.. Doesn’t matter what situation you are in single, single with kids, married, married with kids. Take it or stay in your situation you hate. Your choice….

Keep on Truckin….

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