AEW’s Peter Avalon on His Status with AEW, Cody Rhodes’ Jump to WWE, more

Apr 25, 2022 - by James Walsh

Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: “Producer” Peter Avalon
Date: 04/21/2022
Your Host: James Walsh

Call him “Pretty”, call him “Professional”, call him “Producer.” Whatever the first “P” stands for in your book, one thing is for sure! Here at the Wrestling Epicenter, it is PPA All Day as we welcome Peter Avalon to the show for the first time ever.

Peter Avalon is headed back to Arizona! The AEW star will be signing autographs with Ray Rosas at 3D Sports Cards in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, May 7th! He won’t just be signing autographs but also signing copies of his action figure, an exclusive action figure only available at this signing!

On returning to Arizona for an autograph signing at 3D Sports Cards:
“Absolutely! I am stoked! May 7th, 3D Sports Cards, Glendale (Phoenix), Arizona! That makes me laugh because I live right next to Glendale, California. So, I’ll te traveling from Glendale to Glendale! It is going to be a little warmer than the sun I’m used to in Glendale, California. But, I’m back Phoenix, Arizona! That’s another “P” you could refer to me as – Phoenix Peter Avalon! That doesn’t sound quite as good as if it was Penix…. (laughs) Well, that doesn’t sound as good now that I’ve said it out loud! (laughs)”

On running Championship Wrestling from Arizona for the United Wrestling Network:
“Oh man, not to step on your toes but I had more than just a hand in putting on the show, I was one of the EP’s (Executive Producers) of the show – Me and my pal Nick Greenwood. We ran the front of the house, the back of the house. It was our baby!”

On the state of Championship Wrestling from Arizona as no shows have ran in the state since the pandemic started:
“As for Championship Wrestling from Arizona now, today, with United (Wrestling Network)… It is dead! It is a shame. But, that could change at any time. This is the wrestling business! Some things are dead and they come back alive. So, you really never know. I want to do something in Arizona, though!”

On his challenging for the NWA World Title in 2018:
“It did eventually happen. Originally, he (Nick Aldis) couldn’t make it (to Arizona) so that is how my feud with former NWA Champion Tim Storm started. We had 3 matches, 2 in Arizona and another at the NWA Anniversary pay-per-view in Nashville. But, I did eventually wrestle Nick (Aldis) for the NWA World Title. I was not successful. But, we did make history that night. It was, I believe, only the 3rd time the NWA World Title was defended in the state of Arizona.”

On what it is like to be signed to AEW:
“All Elite Wrestling has changed my life. Like you said, I’m an original! From day one, I’m loyal to AEW. I’m scheduled to appear at the end of this month back with All Elite Wrestling. I’m excited for that to be amongst the exciting things happening backstage and in the ring over there.”

On adopting a new persona different from his known persona when he joined AEW:
“Absolutely. Like you said, I used to come out to music everyone knew. In AEW, I was the Librarian and came out to no music and just the sound of my own shushes out there with Leva Bates. So, it was a little bit of a learning experience because I was out there doing something that was different from what I had been doing for the past 13 years. So, I was out there trying to build the character on the air. So, I was getting my reps in trial by fire in something that wasn’t me, per se. But, I was learning how to turn it into something that is me… It was interesting… It was great! A lot of learning, a lot of fun!”

On transitioning away from the Librarian in AEW and teaming with Brandon Cutler:
“It was great to get to do something that was a little bit more me and what I was doing. It was freeing.”

On AEW’s fan base being so much a part of the live show experience:
“It is incredible. They’re there and they’re so much a part of what we’re doing from Dynamite to Rampage and the Darks in between. You can really see it with the videos people post when we’ve already gone off the air and Tony is in the ring with the wrestlers and everyone is just having a good time. People are excited to be there and you can tell with people’s performance.”

On being a wrestling representative on Celebrity Family Feud:
“It was great! It was great to be front and center up against the celebrities like Pee-Wee Herman. It was great to be up there with Steve Harvey and answer all the questions. It was great to be up there! And, it was great to say, “Hey everybody, I’m a celebrity! Because, it says so on the show!””

On AEW purchasing ROH and how that impacts the business:
“It is exciting! It made everyone turn their heads. Whether it is good, bad, or indifferent – Everyone is talking about it! It is a wild time to be in wrestling especially with that acquisition!”

On AEW losing Cody Rhodes back to WWE and what he thought of the jump:
“It is exciting! It is like when Scott Hall went over to WCW and then Jeff Jarrett would go over. Seeing all these big name wrestlers go and appear on different programs, it was like, “Wow, this is crazy!” Seeing that happen now! Well, this is crazy! I think it is a good thing because it has people talking and if people are talking, people are making money. Good for Cody!”

On getting his own exclusive action figure only available at the May 7th 3D Sports Cards signing:
“I can’t wait to see it. How exciting! My very own exclusive action figure! Limited edition! That means in a few years, it is going to be worth like thousands and thousands of dollars!”

On Arizona State Champion Ray Rosas also appearing with him at 3D Sports Cards:
“My friend, my former tag team partner… He is my favorite wrestler of all time! And, it is an honor to share the stage with him signing autographs. He’s a star! He’s an absolute star. If he doesn’t steal the show there, he’ll steal the show somewhere else.”

On his accepting of independent bookings:
“PPA is putting his focus on PPA! So that means he is going where the dollar bills are. So, AEW? That is where he will be! The independents? That is where he will be! Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, I’ll be making another appearance. I’m excited to be back there! I’m working Prestige Wrestling! I’m working GCW! I’m working Lucha Vavoom and shaking my ass off with my main man Ray Rosas! I’m out, I’m about, I’m with it! You should be too!”

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