Matt Hardy praises Christian Cage’s mind for wrestling

Apr 24, 2022 - by James Walsh

On the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, AEW star Matt Hardy spoke on Christian Cage, and he had high praise for Christian’s mind for the business. Hardy stated the following on Christian (via Fightful):

“[Christian] really is one of the greatest minds I’ve ever met in pro wrestling. I know when he thought he was retired for the longest time there were so many people — I know Jon Moxley wanted him to go to AEW as a producer or as a coach, as an agent helping to put together matchups, his mind is great. That was something we always kind of had that very special bond where we were like, almost underappreciated. But he’s a great dude and we’ve been just such great friends for 25 years now, a quarter of a century. And his wrestling mind is unmatched. He has a very, very talented gift when it comes to wrestling and wrestling psychology.”

Christian Cage signed with AEW in March 2021, one year after Matt Hardy made his AEW debut.

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